Medicine Woman Tarot


By Carol Bridges

Includes a 78-card deck and instructions.
The companion guidebook, The Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook, is sold separately. 


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The Medicine Woman Tarot

The Medicine Woman Tarot emphasizes harmony with Mother Earth, and offers readers a tool for living life in balance with nature and with others.

In this 78-card deck the 22 Major Arcana, referred to as the Great Mystery, depict a path of life, starting from the Seed/Fool card and completing with the Dancer/World card. In the Minor Arcana the four suits are Stones (coins), Pipes (wands), Arrows (swords), and Bowls (cups). The four cards that correspond to the traditional court cards are: apprentice (page), totem (knight), lodge (queen), and exemplar (king). This Tarot guides you along your path toward self-creation.

You can purchase the companion guidebook to this deck here: The Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook.

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