Harmonizers ~ Shungite & Black Tourmaline


Healing ~ Restorative ~ Purification

Includes 1 Shungite and 1 Black Tourmaline Cylindrical Harmonizers

Average Individual Size: 1″ x 1″ x 4″

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Harmonizers are typically used in meditation to balance, recharge, and restore energy of the body. One crystal can be used as Yin, or moon, energy in the left hand and the other can be placed as Yang, or sun, energy, in the left hand. With one in each hand, sit cross legged, hold them on your knees, concentrating on your senses as the energy relaxes and moves through you.

Shungite helps clear and balance each Chakra individually and then as a group, and is a wonderful aid to balance higher energy work. It helps one find the ideas and wisdom to use towards the better future of creation, and brings a sense of understanding how one became oneself, and helps one to find the good in all and to see the benefits in the smallest of thing’s.

Ancient & perfect healing stone. Purifies, balances & encourages healthy growth. Clears & protects against EMFs. Induces recovery and contains anti-bacterial properties.

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Black Tourmaline is a stone known for its extremely powerful protective energies and its ability to cleanse any space. It can shield and transmute all negative energies from ones auric field and can also align and revitalize all of the chakras leaving one feeling grounded and purified.

Meditating with Black Tourmaline can keep ones auric field clear of imbalance while purifying the body of any toxins, environmental pollutants and heavy metals we may be exposed to. It can help break patterns of obsessive behaviors and can relieve anxiety and soothes panic attacks. Black Tourmaline is believed to deflect and shield against unwanted or dark energies and is especially good for sensitive psychic people.

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