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Size: 2.5” x 4” x 7.75”

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This beautifully painted statue would make a perfect adornment on your altar or in your living space. Alternatively, it makes a lovely gift for any friend interested in Egyptian mythology, or the ultimate cat-lover who understands that our household companions are really mini god’s living among us!

The Egyptian goddess Bastest, also known as Bast, is represented in the feminine form of a human-feline that evolved into a domestic house cat over centuries. Bastest was a goddess of fertility, protection and pleasure and a symbol of good health and home. Cat’s literally protected the home from mice and other rodents, and were also believed to protect against evil spirits.

In Egyptian mythology, Bastest was a daughter of Ra, the sun god.  It is said that she would ride with Ra through the night and protect him from his enemy, Apep, the snake god. This affiliation with the night also made Bastest a goddess of the moon, sometimes referred to as “Eye of the Moon’”.

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