Moose Antler Carving ~ Wolf


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The Wolf is a symbol of freedom and community. Although they are pack animals that will always protect their own, they have no problem breaking free from the group. They teach one to keep their spirit alive and wild, as we are all wild at heart. Wolves are extremely intelligent creatures with a deep connection to their instincts. They remind us to stand in our power and to truly and freely express our authentic selves.

Moose antler carvings are a type of artwork made from the antlers of the moose, a large member of the deer family found in the northern regions of North America, Europe, and Asia. Moose antlers are unique in that they grow and are shed every year, making them a renewable resource for carvers. Moose antler carvings have been created by various indigenous cultures for centuries. The Inuit people of Alaska and Canada are particularly well-known for their moose antler carvings, which often depict animals and spirits from their mythology.

Metaphysically, moose antler carvings are believed to possess various properties and are often used for spiritual purposes.

  • Strength & Power: Moose antlers are a symbol of strength and power, and as such, moose antler carvings are believed to bring these qualities to those who use them.
  • Protection: Moose antler carvings are often used for protection, both physical and spiritual. They are believed to ward off negative energy and evil spirits, keeping the wearer safe and secure.
  • Wisdom: Moose antler carvings are also associated with wisdom and knowledge. They are believed to help the wearer gain insight and understanding, as well as to connect with their ancestors and spiritual guides.
  • Connection to Nature: Moose antlers are a natural material, and as such, moose antler carvings are believed to have a strong connection to nature. They are thought to help the wearer connect with the natural world and to find a sense of balance and harmony.

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