Nine Ways To Charm A Dryad


By Penny Billington

Paperback, 295 Pages

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Nine Ways To Charm A Dryad: A Magical Adventure to Connect with the Spirit of Trees

Enchant Your Life through the Friendship of Tree Spirits.

Revel in the beauty of nature and rediscover your sense of wonder as you build a profound magical relationship with a dryad―the spirit or life force of a tree. Nine Ways to Charm a Dryad  shows you how to connect with some of the greatest teachers and healers of the natural world through meditations, writing prompts, art projects and exercises. Anyone, regardless of background or belief system, can discover how to sense a tree’s aura, breathe with the landscape, and explore the secrets of exchanging gifts. Filled with whimsical drawings by Meraylah Allwood, this delightful guide also provides options for people with outdoor or mobility restrictions. Whether you want to live a more enchanted life or learn from the resilience of our wise companions, Nine Ways to Charm a Dryad will help you manifest the energy of the trees from roots to crown.


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