Obelisk ~ Calcite, Green


Relaxation ~ Balance

Size: 1.375” x 1.125” x 4.375”

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Hardness: 3
Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Libra
Planet: Venus, Earth
Element: Fire, Water
Found: Mexico and Brazil

Geological Information
There are over 800 varieties of Calcite crystals. This extremely common crystal is comprised of carbonate minerals and is formed with a hexagonal crystal system. The Mohs hardness scale defines “3” as Calcite. It can be found in a variety of rocks and is considered a ‘ubiquitous mineral’ by some scientists, as it is found all over the world. The largest concentrations of Green Calcite are found in Mexico and Brazil and are usually discovered as large masses of calcite. Calcite is found within limestone and marble, two common stones that make up a large portion of the earth’s crust. Calcite is also a primary mineral component in cave formations.

Calcite is vitreous in appearance and can be found in a range of color from white or colorless to red, green, yellow, blue, and orange. Calcite and Aragonite actually share a chemical composition, but their different crystal structures are what separates them.

Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties
Green calcite is a member of a diverse family of calcite. In general calcite is a powerful amplifier of energies.  It is one of the most common minerals on the face of the Earth, comprising about 4% by weight of the Earth’s crust. Calcite is probably the premier cleanser of stored negative energies in the human system, and works on all levels from the physical to the etheric. This makes it a very purifying stone. It can also be used to clear negativity in the environment, such as a room that it’s in. All of the calcites are good for reducing fear and stress.

Helps one to connect to Divine love. Green Calcite is cooling to the ‘hot’ emotions such as anger and irritability, and it clears the heart chakra of stress and other types of unhealthy psychic debris.

Green Calcite can improve the quality of meditations, helping to still the incessant voice of the thinking mind, allowing one to experience wordless awareness. Green Calcite can stimulate compassion and a willingness to share love with others and can bring softness to the heart and help foster forgiveness and the release of grudges or resentment toward others.

~ Carry or wear Green Calcite to feel clear and relaxed amid the stresses of daily life.
~ For those with seasonal affective disorders or depressions during the winter season, Green Calcite can bring fresh energy into any room or environment.
~ Draw money and prosperity by burning green candles placed around green calcite for a short while each morning.

Cools red energies; Clears the heart of stress and unhealthy psychic debris;  Stimulates compassion forgiveness, release of grudges and resentment; Stone of prosperity and abundance.

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