Occult Botany


By Paul Sédir
Translated, Edited and Annotated by R. Bailey

Hardcover, 414 Pages

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Occult Botany ~ Sédir’s Concise Guide To Magical Plants

Occult Botany merges the scientific discipline of botany with ancient, medieval, and Renaissance traditions of occult herbalism. This book explains the occult secrets of phythogensis (the esoteric origin and evolutionary development of the plant kingdom), plant physiology (the occult anatomy of plants), and plant physiognomy (classification of plants according to the doctrine signatures). 

Unveiling the mysteries behind planetary and zodiacal attributions, Occult Botany provides readers with the keys to make their own informed determinations of the astral properties of plants. Author Paul Sédir explores various methods of phytotherapy and plant magic, including the Paracelsian “transplantation of disease”, the secret ingredients of witches’ ointments, and the composition of magical philters. 

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