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Orgone is a mixture of resin and metal shavings formed into a specific shape that is usually combined with different gemstones and is then infused with that specific stone’s healing properties. Orgone is mainly used to clean stagnant and negative energies which are then transformed into positive healing vibrations. This comes from the belief of Orgone energies which is the idea that invisible life force energy animates the material world, similar to that of Chi. It creates powerful healing effects and balances electromagnetic energies in our environment caused by things such as cell phones, radios, Wi-Fi etc. Though the effects vary for everyone, when meditating with Orgone it is said to help deepen meditation, grant more energy, allow for a better sleep and increase resistance to illnesses. Orgone can also decrease one’s sensitivity to EMFs. It is excellent for those who may suffer from mood swings or bipolar disorders as it has the ability to balance emotions.

The chakras are a well organized system that keeps our life force energy directed and fluid. Our health and well being depend on active, balanced chakras.  As the chakras are all interdependent, when one is shut down the others work to maintain life force and compensate, creating imbalance and illness. If the flow becomes stagnant or sluggish, so long as this is temporary, they are able to re-activate themselves.  If the situation becomes chronic, they need to be stimulated. By learning to activate, balance and align your chakras you open the doors for your full potential to be recognized.

*Listed Below are the 7 Chakras and their meanings*

Root/Base Chakra (1st)

Located: Base of Spine
Color: Red
Element: Earth
Purpose: Connects to Nature, Family and Origins
Association: Birth, Survival, Safety, Stability, Security
Weakens Chakra: Anxiety, Fear, Uncertainty
Maintains Health: Exercising, Self-care in all forms

Sacral Chakra (2nd)

Located: Lower Abdomen
Color: Orange
Element: Water
Purpose: Allows you to live your passion, Make dreams into reality
Association: Sensuality, Sexuality
Weakens Chakra: Boredom, Lack of Inspiration
Maintains Health: Pleasure in all forms, Loving partnerships, Movement

 Solar Plexus/Naval Chakra (3rd)

Located: Belly
Color: Yellow
Element: Fire
Purpose: Control Destiny, Embrace Power
Association: Confidence, Personal Power
Weakens Chakra: Feeling trapped, Weak, Powerless, Vulnerable
Maintains Health: Meditation, Yoga, Make responsible decisions, create positive self-image

Heart Chakra (4th)

Located: Heart Center
Color: Green
Element: Air
Purpose: Lets heart energy flow freely
Association: Family, Unity, Healing, Balance, Relationships, Compassion
Weakens Chakra: Disgust, Judgement, Withdrawal
Maintains Health: Be open to receive love

 Throat Chakra (5th)

Located: Throat Center
Color: Blue
Element: Spirit
Purpose: Allows you to speak your truth
Association: Communication, Expression
Weakens Chakra: Inability to Communicate, Neglecting your needs
Maintains Health: Breathing exercises, Speaking your truth without fear, Ask for what you need, Singing

Third Eye Chakra (6th)

Located: Between Eyebrows on Forehead
Color: Indigo
Element: Light/Dark
Purpose: Allows one to see beyond their material selves
Association: Insight, Intuition, Awareness, Guidance
Weakens Chakra: Confusion, Bad decisions
Maintains Health: Meditation, Opening self to inner guidance, Listen to thoughts

 Crown Chakra (7th)

Located: Slightly above the head
Color: Violet
Purpose: Spiritual Connection
Association: Union, Bliss
Weakens Chakra: Lack of knowledge, Apathy, Small Mindedness
Maintains Health: Meditation

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