Pocket Blessing Cards


By Katharine Skaggs

Includes 24 card deck

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Pocket Blessing Cards ~ 24 Assorted Inspired Pocket Art with Blessings

The practice of Blessing brings a smile, opens a heart and shifts the attitude of all around.

Blessing self and others makes a difference… actively creating a world with more kindness, love and compassion

A few things you can do to Bless your world!
~ Pick a card each morning to start your day on an uplifting note.
~ Put into a bowl for others to pick when they visit.
~ Drop in a loved one’s lunch box for a sweet surprise.
~ Put on a co-workers desk when they aren’t looking and lighten their day.
~ Drop in a greeting card to let someone know you care.
~ Add to your gifts for a special touch.
~ Find your own ways to bless your friends, family and loved ones… it’s contageous!

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