Pyramid ~ Smoky Quartz


Balancing ~ Grounding

Size: 2.5″ x .75″ x 2.5″

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Hardness: 7
Month: November
Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Element: Earth
Chakra: Root
Found: Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Australia, Switzerland, Scotland, the USA
Goddess Association: Hecate, Gaia

Geological Information
Smoky Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal with a hexagonal crystal system that forms in prisms. It varies in color from pale, smoky gray, to deep brown or black due to natural irradiation as provided by Mother Nature.  Clear Quartz can be artificially made into Smoky Quartz by exposing it to and treating it with radium or X-rays.

Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties
Smoky Quartz is a powerful grounding aid to be used during spiritual meditation. It can help one come back to the physical body and world after working in higher realms. Using Smoky Quartz during meditation allows one to reach a higher state of consciousness, relieving the barriers from alpha and beta states of mind and helping to cease any mental chatter consuming one’s consciousness. It is a talisman for the Root Chakra, which is an anchor to the natural world, again making it a premier stone for meditation. Smoky Quartz facilitates grounding of spiritual information to help one understand, receive, and integrate messages received during deep meditation.

Having the ability to transform and remove negative energy, Smoky Quartz also protects and cleanses the aura. While wearing Smoky Quartz, it provides a protective barrier against negative energies in one’s environment. It absorbs and transmutes an unlimited amount of negativity by grounding it within the Earth to be neutralized naturally. Smoky Quartz allows one to see and accept the joys in life and frees them from illusion. Use Smoky Quartz to ward off negative thinking.

Smoky Quartz has a deep connection to the Mother Earth and her energies. It initiates movement of the primal forces within the physical body, activating our survival instincts in a purified way. It brings strength and stability as well as a sense of personal pride while walking the Earth. Smoky Quartz links the Earth and stimulates concern for the environment. Use Smoky Quartz to block geopathic stress and to diffuse electromagnetic smog.

An excellent stone for the workplace, Smoky Quartz enhances practicality and organization skills. Place a piece of Smoky on your desk at work or somewhere in the home to purge the atmosphere of suppressed resentments or conflicts. It will help one to get things done in the practical world and can shift a bad mood to a good one. Smoky Quartz is a great stone for students as it lends focus and patience.

Smokies combine the highly tuned properties of Quartz with the grounding energies provided by their dark color. It draws the ethereal into manifestation which can be useful when bringing dreams and aspirations into reality. While wearing Smoky Quartz, you are more likely to experience phenomenon such as ghosts, UFOs, fairies and spirit guides.

Smoky Quartz has had multifunctional uses throughout history. Its earliest recorded use was for sunglass lenses in twelfth century China. Smoky Quartz is the national gemstone of Scotland which holds the longest historical association with the stone. It was used in Kilt pins and in weapons, more specifically as decorations for the Scottish dirk, and the shorter ‘sgian dubh’ – meaning hidden knife – because it is usually kept concealed in one’s sock. In the ancient world, Smoky Quartz along with other Quartz crystals, were used by Romans to carve Intaglio seals.

Sacred to the ancient Druids and Celts, its color symbolized the potent and darker power of the Earth Gods and Goddesses. It was greatly associated with Hecate, Goddess of the occult and dark moon and Crom Dubh, God of the Harvest. Countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Austria used Smoky Quartz crucifixes to adorn bedroom walls as a guardian against bad luck and to keep evil energies and spirits at bay. In other cultures it was believed to help guide souls to the afterlife. It has been used in Shamanic rituals and Native American tribal ceremonies to enhance stability and provide protection from harmful forces. It was also often found adorning the top of ritual wands and was prized by the Cherokees.

~ Good to have nearby when balancing checkbooks or doing taxes
~ Brings spiritual balance and the integration of past lives and future into the present moment
~ Can be used as a tool for focused prayer
~ Helps to counter effects of radiation, sunburns & electromagnetic fields
~ Suited well in the home when placed by the front door or a large window for protective vibrations.
~ Connects to the sound of the universe including telepathic sounds.
~ Believed to protect against pollution, radiation and electromagnetic smog.
~ Provides a vital shield against psychic attack, emotional, and environmental stress.

Works well with…
Smoky Quartz harmonizes with other grounding stones such as Sugilite, Black Tourmaline, Jet, and Obsidian. When paired with Amethyst, it promotes sobriety and clarity of thought as well as allowing one to clearly see their desires for what they truly are. Use Smoky Quartz with Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, or Peridot to promote positive energy. To bring energies of transformation more fully into the physical realm, pair Smoky Quartz with Moldavite. Like all Quartz crystals, Smoky Quartz is programmable and amplifies the powers of other stones.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.75 × 3.5 in


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