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The name Diopside is derived from the two Greek words “Di” meaning double and “Opsis” meaning view which refer to Diopside’s double refraction. It was first discovered in 1800 but has been around for much longer. Ancient Greeks used Diopside in jewelry and believed that it was really a fallen star that turned to stone once it hit Earth’s surface. This also led to the belief that the sheen within Diopside contains starlight. Diopside can be known under many other names as well such as Chrome Diopside, Vertelite and Serbelite.

Diopside has a powerful connection to Gaia and helps one to harmonize with her heart beat within the Earth. It helps to clearly see the impact you make on the Earth and all of its inhabitants. Diopside allows one to deeply explore the connection between humanity and Nature. It helps one to understand their role in the greater planetary organism and can greatly assist in communicating with plants and animals. It is also said that Diopside creates a direct link to the Faerie realm, Deva realm and the realms of the Nature Spirits.

This can be a great stone for students as it helps bring a desire to learn and opens the mind centers allowing you to remember new information. It also greatly attunes ideas and can enhance intellect.

Diopside is an extremely empowering stone especially for women. It can balance the female reproductive system and can be an energetic balm during times of menopause helping to balance hormones.

Though Diopside greatly resonates with the heart chakra, it has the ability to align all of the chakras sending energies along the entire chakra column starting from the top of the skull down to the tailbone. It can open the heart assisting in emotional healing and aids in the clearing of blockages within the heart. This may improve the capacity to receive and give love.

Known by some as “the stone that weeps” Diopside is said to remove grief from the heart and help alleviate trauma through tears. It is an excellent stone to help remind us not to hold in our emotions.

~ Helps to charge the third Eye.
~ Harmonizes well with Rose Quartz, Phenacite and Danburite.
~ Helps boost happiness.

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