Sacred Herbs of Samhain, The


By Ellen Evert Hopman
Forward by Andrew Theitic, editor of The Witches’ Almanac

Paperback, 180 Pages

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The Sacred Herbs Of Samhain ~ Plants to Contact the Spirits of the Dead

The Samhain festival, from which the modern holiday of Halloween originates, makes the transition from summer to winter, and the end of the Celtic year, a time when the barriers between the physical world and the spiritual world are at their most transparent. 

The Sacred Herbs Of Samhain presents the sacred herbs and trees of Samhain, and details the identification, harvest, and use of more than 70 plants and trees in healing, divination, purification, and magic as tools for contacting the spirits wandering the landscape at this liminal time of year. This guide also explores the most effective plants for protection from mischief of the “Good Neighbors”, the sidhe fairies, as we all herbs for releasing the dead when they are trapped on this plane. Cautions to prevent harm and misidentification, along with advice on basic etiquette and common sense approaches to herb magic are explained within this guide. 

Woven throughout with mystical tales of folk, fairy, and sacred herbs, this guide offers each of us practical and magical ways to connect with nature, the plant kingdom, the spirits that surround us, and the turning of the year. 

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