Specimen ~ Tourmaline, Pink and Green with Quartz



Size: 1.875″ x 1″ x 2.25″

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This exquisite specimen contains Pink and Green Tourmaline on top of Quartz.

Pink Tourmaline, is the “quintessential heart-chakra stone” according to Robert Simmons.  It holds a feminine energy that works gently and with affection on the heart, and any old childhood wounds. Interestingly, Pink Tourmaline also acts as a sort of buffer, in it’s protective capacity.  It helps to shield the heart from negativity and trauma, while simultaneously emanating tolerance and compassion out toward others.

Green Tourmaline is a stone centered in the heart Chakra, helping one to be themselves and feel balanced, secure and confident within the environment around them. In helping to balance the heart Chakra, Green Tourmaline helps one to understand their personal needs and emotions clearly, emotional relationships and to accept change.

Quartz is known in the mineral kingdom as the most versatile and multidimensional mineral. Unlike most other stones, it is able to be programmed with a focused intention that is capable of achieving virtually any goal. It will then amplify that intention out into the world.
The properties of energy amplification and memory make Quartz an excellent stone for healing, meditation, communication with guides, past-life recall or essentially any purpose programmed into it. Quartz produces healing negative ions that clear the surroundings of positive ions, protecting the auric field.

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