Spiralite Gemshell


Life Force Energy ~ Ancient Knowledge

Size: 1.75″ x 1.25″ x 1″

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When Time and the Elements combine powers, magical things take place…

The shells you see here are fossils of a creature that lived 80 – 145 million years ago. As they absorbed time, life force energy and ancient knowledge, the shells began to transform – as they fossilized, chalcedony gradually replaced the original shell, and also formed Druzy – tiny crystals, glittering like stars.

Besides being stunningly beautiful, Spiralite Gemshells are also unique in the way they formed. These particular beauties have a left-handed spiral, which occurs in less than 10% of the world’s shells – similar to the percentage of individuals who are left handed.

Bridging the realm of both organic and crystal worlds, these Gemshells energetically connect with the preservation of life, DNA evolution, and accessing higher levels of information. They are magical specimens, making a wonderful aid in meditation, expanding one’s awareness, and resonating with spiraling life force energy.

Shells also resonate with another powerful message to keep close to your heart: you carry your home within you, wherever you may be, wherever you may go.

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