Tower ~ Howlite


Calming ~ Emotional Healing

Size: 1.5” x 1.25” x 3.75”

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Howlite is incredibly calming, helping to still the mind and deepen one’s focus during meditation. It is very beneficial to those who can’t seem to turn off their brain, especially to those suffering from insomnia due to overthinking. It instills patience, letting one settle into the calm and stillness of their mind and knowing all will happen in its right time. It helps absorbs anger away from you, both anger you are experiencing and the anger of others.

It is said to enhance intuition and spiritual awareness, making it an ideal stone for meditation and spiritual practice. Howlite is also believed to help facilitate communication and improve relationships by promoting empathy and understanding.

To read more about Hiddenite, click here.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 3.625 × 1.375 × 1.375 in


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