Tower ~ Onyx, Blue


Inner Strength ~ Intuition ~ Concentration

A: .6875” x .75” x 2.6875”
B: .6875” x .75” x 2.6875”
C: .6875” x .6875” x 2.6875

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Blue Onyx, also knowns as Lemurian Aquatine, is a stone of mental power. It aids in healing the mental body by activating and clearing the third eye, removing any obstructions. This form of onyx helps to quiet the mind and find more stability and confidence. In times of stress and grief it will aid in emotional balance as well and give support and stamina. It helps with concentration and finding your inner voice, allowing you to become the master of your destiny and access higher inspiration.

Blue Onyx brings you into connection with your higher self and facilitates communication with guides and angels, thus enhancing your intuition. It is also believed to help psychic communication with animals.

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