Tower ~ Yooperlite


Clarity ~ Grounding

Size: 2” x 1.625” x 6.75”

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Hardness: 5
Chakra: Throat
Planet: Earth
Element: Fire
Found: Michigan

Geological Information
Yooperlite is a recently discovered crystal with a fascinating name.  It was discovered in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA in 2017. Its founder chose to call it after the nickname used for the UP’s residents, Upers, and the light part comes from this mineral’s cool ability to fluoresce UV light.  Yooperlite is a mixture of minerals, which includes syenite, feldspathoid and sodalite.
It’s the Sodalite that fluoresces an orange or yellow color under ultraviolet light, resembling fire. 

Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties
Yooperlite is said to be the stone of truth. Aiding in what needs to come to the surface and helping in self expression. Yooperlite can help with self awareness, confidence and acceptance.
Yooperlite can help you see reality more clearly. It activates the throat chakra and helps clear blockages in communication. It is also very grounding in nature.

Additional information

Weight 20.1 oz
Dimensions 6.75 × 1.75 × 1.75 in


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