Wellness Set ~ Chakra Palm Stones


Includes 7 acrylic stones in an organza bag.

Individual stone size: 1.25″ in diameter

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Stone Set ~ Chakra

A Chakra Stone set to clear, balance & align your Chakras.

Our health and well being depend on active, balanced chakras.  As the chakras are all interdependent, when one is shut down the others work to maintain life force and compensate, creating imbalance and illness. If the flow becomes stagnant or sluggish, so long as this is temporary, they are able to re-activate themselves.  If the situation becomes chronic, they need to be stimulated.

This set of 7 stones can be used in grid layouts, or reiki healing grids. Lay them directly on the body to open, heal and activate each of your chakras. Wonderful for use in meditation. You may also work with each stone individually, focusing on the area of your field that most needs the attention.

Each set comes in a purple organza bag, with a Palm Stone engraved with mantras that read I know, I see, I speak, I love, I do, I feel and I am, as well as the corresponding symbols for each chakra

Also included is a small card which reads:

Find Your Balance

Crown Chakra
I live my life through my higher self

Third Eye Chakra
I see the truth

Throat Chakra
I express myself freely

Heart Chakra
I am Loving ad loved

Solar Plexus Chakra
I am confident and powerful

Sacral Chakra
I am radiantly beautiful and unique

Root Chakra
I am grounded


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