White Eagle Medicine Wheel


By Eliana Harvey
Art by Wa-Na-Nee-Che

Includes a 46 card deck and guidebook

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White Eagle Medicine Wheel ~ Native American Wisdom as a Way of Life

White Eagle Medicine Wheel is a unique introduction to Native American sacred teachings offers a powerful resource for problem-solving on all fronts, whether at home, at work, or in relationships. With Eliana Harvey and Wa-Na-Nee-Che as your guides, you will discover how to communicate with the animals and other sacred archetypes as they become your teachers and reveal their medicine ways to steer you in your everyday life.

The 46-card deck allows you to more deeply connect and incorporate these messages. Use the animal, grandfather/grandmother, and totem cards for healing and for developing your intuitive abilities as you progress through three levels of learning. Their age-old wisdom will help you to live in harmony with yourself and with all living things.

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