Witchful Thinking


By Zoe Howe
Forward by Jane Claire Bradley

Paperback, 278 Pages

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Witchful Magic ~ The Wise Woman’s Handbook For Creating A Charmed Life

From stirring your tea to smashing the patriarchy, Witchful Thinking helps you create a charmed life full of magic and inspiration. This book features spiritual advice as well as fun, creative techniques for developing that all important magical mindset. Witchful Thinking motivates you to take a journey into witchcraft, feminism, and vibrant health. Draw upon the archetype of the “cunning woman” as a guide to connect you to the energies of nature and uncover your inner wise one. Designed for women of all identifies, this book warmly encourages you to create your own magic, embrace your body type and start your personal revolution. Delve into the foundational topics of magic from pentagram power, lunar love, chakras, crystals, and divination. A little Witchful Thinking is all you need to enchant your life.

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