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Latin Name: Artemisia absinthium

Known uses:

  • Uncrossing
  • Invocation of Spirit
  • Increase Psychic Powers

Burn over charcoal, add to charm bags, blends, use as an offering.

What is Wormwood?

Wormwood is an extremely potent herb full of power, and it has a strong connection with the spirit world. It can be used in rituals performed with or for those that are dying, to ease their transition and enable them to let go.

Wormwood is also especially effective when combined with Mugwort. Decorate your Samhain table with wormwood or when using your clairvoyant skills.

Commonly found in herbal texts and other documentation as Artemisia absinthium, or more commonly as absinthe wormwood. It has been used in flavoring the notorious liquor called Absinthe, as well some other well known liquor such as bitters, vermouth and other, less well known wine and spirits. In the mid ages it was used to spice mead, and gets its name from this time as it was used in a common medieval cure for intestinal worms.

Burn as an incenses to raise you to a higher level of psychic awareness, aid in divination and clairvoyance, it can be mixed with sandalwood for particularly potent incense. Also use in spells for binding, exorcism and protection.

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