Yearning for the Wind


By Tom Cowan

Paperback, 208 Pages

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Yearning for the Wind ~ Celtic Reflections on Nature and the Soul

Emminent Celtic-American writer Tom Cowan’s latest book weaves together chapters about the interplay of soul and nature, and describes how this interplay creates mystical pathways between the human and nonhuman worlds. Throughout the ages, shamans and mystics have recognized that all created things share some level of consciousness, and that ordinary and non-ordinary realities interact on some level. This wonderful book explores those interactions and those interconnected pathways. It is a book that conveys the interdependence of our “material” life with the life of nature and with our inner life.

Each beautifully crafted chapter is a small window into the mysteries of nature and soul, a meditation on Spirit infusing our daily lives. By looking closely at some object or creature in the natural world, Cowan seems to open our eyes inward, to the truths that wait within. The book is both an intimate portrait of one shaman, the author, talking to nature and a masterful teaching on the universal qualities of our lives and the way we live in our world, spiritually and physically. Cowan draws on the teachings of medieval mystics, legends of fairies, Celtic songs, present-day poets and seekers, and Native American stories.

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