You Can Read Palms


By Richard Webster

Paperback, 240 Pages

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You Can Read Palms

You’ve probably heard of heart, head, and life lines, but did you know you may also have a flower line, a destiny line, or intuition lines in the palm of your hand?

In this illustrated guidebook, bestselling author Richard Webster presents the essentials of palm reading with fun and easy-to-learn techniques. He offers “quick read” tips that give a beginning palmist the confidence and ability to do readings almost immediately.

Straightforward and friendly, this guide includes information not found in any other palmistry books, such as fingerprint analysis and the emerging art of skin ridge analysis, which reveals potential health issues and is taught in medical schools.

You can read palms―and use the knowledge gained to optimize strengths and navigate challenges in everyday matters of love and romance, career, health, communication style, creativity, flexibility, and more.

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