Moonstone ~ Zebra


Cooperation ~ Heart Healing ~ Problem Solving

Average Size: 1″ x 1″ x  1″

Please note that due to the natural variations in crystal and gemstone size, color, and shape, no two are exactly alike.

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Zebra Moonstone ~ Zebradorite ~ Zebra Feldspar ~ Graphic Feldspar

Member of the Orthoclase Feldspar group; tectosilicate
Hardness: 6
Chakra: All
Zodiac: Cancer, Aquarius
Planet: Moon
Found: Austria, Madagascar, UK, USA
Goddess Association: Harmonia, Kuan Yin

Geological Information
Zebra Moonstone is a graphic quartz discovered by rural miners from the Norcross-Madagascar Zebradorite quarry. The miners originally called this stone “Feldspath” (in French and Malagasy). Although not an officially recognized mineral, it’s popularity has gained worldwide recognition as a rare and beautiful stone that resembles the stripes of a zebra, interlaced with sunny feldspar and Smoky Quartz.

The color of this stone ranges from shades of red and pink to white, grey, brown, greenish, yellow to grayish yellow, and shades of white and orange. It shows no pleochrism, has a vitreous lustre, and has a monoclinic crystal system.

Zebra Moonstone has been found worldwide. Known locations are Madagascar, Austria, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties
Called the “Stone of Cooperative Effort,” Zebra Moonstone is said to work with all of the Chakras.  It is a soothing stone that is especially helpful when working to heal emotional traumas.  It is especially relevant during times of turmoil when peace is most needed and can be the most challenging to achieve on one’s own.

Some people like to use Zebra Moonstone as a touch stone or “worry stone,” holding it in the hand or rubbing with the thumb, especially during meditation.  In this way it is looked to as a “problem solver,” helping one to tune in to their goals and boosting the power of will.

Astrologically, Zebra Moonstone is attuned to both Cancer and Aquarius.  For Cancers it can improve self-confidence and help with being a bit more outgoing, and for Aquarius, it has a more grounding effect, soothing the hyper aspects of the Uranian mind.

~ Resonates with the numbers 9 and 44
~ Contains within it the powers of both Moonstone and Smoky Quartz, making it both nurturing, lunar, and goddessy and well as protective and grounding.
~ It’s affirmation is “I give and receive helpful, cooperative energy.”
~ Sometimes called “graphic” feldspar because the dark pieces are layers of Smoky Quartz and often look like writing. This adds themes of expression, writing and communication to its powers.

Works Well With…
Combining Zebradorite with Moonstone helps to focus on the nurturing elements of emotional wisdom. Using Zebra Moonstone with Black Tourmaline will enhance the stone’s grounding and protective effect, while helping to repel negative energies. Smoky Quartz will amplify the ability to pull the intuition through to the physical for manifestation.

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