Welcome!  Thank you for exploring our new Sponsor A Goddess program.


As local businesses of all kinds are trying to determine how to continue, how to provide the services their clients depend upon, and how to continue to feed and shelter those reliant upon them for their paychecks, we all wonder: how long will this last?


After the fits and starts that come with any major change, we’ve begun to sink in.  We’re sitting with our new reality, even as it shifts beneath our feet.  We’ve yet to reach a place of “understanding”; there are so many unknowns, and there will be for some time.  The only thing that we DO know, right now, is that we are being stripped down to our core and called back to what matters most.  Each other.  Our homes.  Our families.  Our communities.

That is where my journey began, 25 years ago.  With the support of our community.  And now, that is how the Dreaming Goddess journey will continue – with the support of our community. Whether you have been with me all the while – a number of you have, or whether this is your first encounter with the DG … welcome. Thank you for walking with us.



Which Goddess Are You?

Ostara ~ Up to $20

With this donation we send you the Love & Light of Ostara.

With our deepest Gratitude, we thank you for supporting a bright new beginning and a new season for our community.

Hestia ~ $25

May Hestia guard your hearth and home.

With this donation, Hestia supports you with Sacred Sage Spray and a Smudge Bundle.  May her gifts cleanse your home and keep you safe.

Thank you for helping to support our DG home.

Kwan Yin ~ $50

Kwan Yin, born of the Lotus, sees all, hears all, loves all.  She loves us all so much that she chose to remain behind and guide us through our suffering. 

With your Kwan Yin donation, we gift you a Crystal Grid. This grid represents the unconditional love of Kwan Yin – use it to amplify LOVE wherever you feel it is meant to be shared; in the world, for your family, to the community, within your own heart. 

Thank you for sharing your love with us. May Kwan Yin watch over our us all and guide the ill back to health.

Fortuna ~ $100

‘She Who Brings.’  Fortuna is the keeper of our destiny and the guiding power behind all fortunate turns of events.

With our gratitude, Fortuna brings you good fortune, and the gifts of Hestia and Kwan Yin also.  May she steer the wheel toward brighter days.

Thank you for filling our cornucopia with bounty.

The Dreaming Goddess of Malta ~ $150

Reiki Master Teacher Training

This trance-channeling priestess ventured deeply into the darkness for divine inspiration. She was an oracle, dreaming visions of wholeness for one’s personal healing, the benefit of the community and Mother Earth. She was found in an alcove in an underground temple on the Island of Malta, dating back approximately 6,000 years ago. Today her spirit is alive and vibrant ~ indeed she is the Goddess who dreamed us into being.

With this donation you help to create a dream for our future.

Our giveback and gratitude to you includes the gifts of each of the Goddesses above, as well as a very personal gift from OUR Dreaming Goddess ~ a 45 minute Reiki Session with Rhianna.

(To be gifted after we are all safely out of our extended stay-cations.)

Private: Sponsor A Goddess


I’ve begun to receive inquiries about how people can help.

People, while experiencing this pandemic together, fall all along the spectrum in terms of how they are affected emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially.  Many of us in the service industries, though out of work, are using what we have to continue to support each other monetarily however we can by purchasing gift cards to use in the future, purchasing groceries from small farms, leaving a little “extra” with our online transactions, etc.  We’ve heard from those who are still fully employed, and who are shifting their purchasing habits around to try and help their neighborhood shops.  Donations of all sorts are happening everywhere and it is a beautiful way to show our care and concern for one another.  Just this week, someone who lives at home, and had received a larger tax return than expected, came in and made a significant purchase because they “wanted to help.”


With this in mind, and because we are being asked, we have created this way for you to help keep the Dreaming Goddess alive, should you feel called.  Truly, every dollar, every penny helps.  Every donation we have received or will receive is graciously accepted with the same amount of thanks, the same amount of love, the same appreciation for your generosity in paying it forward.


Three times over, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess