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Support the community – recycle your old books!

We have shelves and shelves of fabulous used books – all donated by our wonderful customers. We take book donations to add to our Used Book section, and all proceeds of their sales are donated each quarter to a different local Hudson Valley charity.

We have been collecting books & donating their proceeds to charity since 2012. At the Dreaming Goddess, we strive to find ways to give back to our community. Through your help in part of our giveback program, we have been able to donate over $15,000 to various local Hudson Valley charities – Thank you!

Remember us the next time you sort through your books

***Reuse – Recycle – Reduce***

We gladly accept donations, anytime during business hours, of your good condition used books relating to the spiritual, metaphysical, tarot and oracle decks, occult, science, art… our selection is so wonderfully diverse these days.

As books are being donated all the time, it’s best to stop by often to check out the selection – you never know what you’ll find!


Hour Hearts

“Helping others hour by hour, one hOURglass at a time.”

Made by our very own Shayleen, these Hour Hearts Manifestation Bottles are designed to help you set and achieve an intention or affirmation, all the while joining hearts to give back to the community. “The design on all my glass products is a double heart, hourglass. The thought is that one heart is my heart, one heart is your heart, and together it is hOURglass. By my creation, and your generous purchase, we will both help someone in our community. All money, minus the cost to make the bottles, that is generated by the sale of the hOURglasses will be saved until someone is nominated to receive the donation. Feel free to contact me if you know someone who needs “hOUR” help, and Thank You, from my heart to yours.”

Watch the video above and hear our wonderful Shayleen explain her business, Hour Hearts, and her hOURglass creations. 

Tarot Bookmarks

Tarot Bookmarks

Stewardship: the activity or job of protecting and being responsible for something.

The Dreaming Goddess is committed to Earth Stewardship, beginning with our own backyard.

Here are some ways that we put that into practice:

•   The DG is committed to giving back and supporting the community that has supported us since 1995. Each year we donate dozens of gift certificates and gift baskets to local school programs and various non-profits organizations that support the community at large.

•   We donate the money collected from the sale of our used books to organizations, both locally and globally that empower individuals to live better lives.

•    We offer Free educational evenings, encouraging the community to come and expand their knowledge of various subject matter that enhance our personal growth.

•    The DG offers many beautiful lines of merchandise that have been made by human hands. We search out handmade fair trade imports and crafts from both local artisans and across the USA.

•    We purchase merchandise from companies that are aligned/affiliated with programs that “giveback” around the world to those in need.

•    We continually reduce our waste by reusing and recycling packing and shipping materials for our own shipping and with neighborhood shops.

•    We use 100% recycled copy paper for flyers and handouts and our tissue paper that we use to wrap all your treasures is made of 100% recycled fibers.

Current Charities being supported at the DG

4th Quarter 2017: Currently, all used book sales will be donated to NAMI, The National Alliance on Mental Illness Mid-Hudson, the nation’s largest grass-roots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for millions of Americans affected by mental illnesses and their loved ones. Donations allow NAMI to advocate for and support individuals with mental illnesses, family members and their loved ones; eradicate stigma; support research, causes and treatment; and access to services regarding mental illness; educate the public about mental illnesses and work to improve public and private support systems for individuals with mental illnesses.

3rd Quarter 2017: A total of $470 was donated to Hope On A Mission, a street ministry serving homeless and addicted women of Poughkeepsie. Their mission is to provide safe, loving relationships to women who have lost trust in the world, and to empower them to reclaim responsibility for their lives with dignity. Donations allow H.O.A.M. to purchase and supply these women with personal care products as well as warm clothing.

2nd Quarter 2017: A total of $380 was donated to Literacy Connections of the Hudson Valley, devoted to providing basic literacy education for adults, as well as enrichment and educational services for children. Their literacy program serves both those who know English, as well as immigrants conversational and reading and writing skills.

1st Quarter 2017: A total of $575 was donated this quarter. $75 was donated from the sale of the Riverkeepers statuettes to the “Protect the Hudson” project by Clearwater. $500 was donated to Sparrow’s Nest of the Hudson Valley. Started in 2012 with the simple idea of cooking meals for the families of local moms diagnosed with cancer, this worthy mission started by helping 6 families and has now grown into helping over 200 families. With the support of community, they have not had to turn away any family that fit their mission statement, and hope that this generosity and care can only grow. 

In 2016, we contributed over $8,500 from the sale of our used books and other events to:

  • The purchase and continued yearly upkeep of a Propur water filtration system for Maestra Martina Mamani of the Quechua Nation Raqchi, for the sacred temple Centro de Sanación Siwar Qoyllur (Hummingbird Healing Center) in Raqchi that she guards and teaches from. This system will provide safe, clean drinking water, free from harmful chemicals and bacteria, allowing individuals to obtain water from any source and enable it to become potable.
  • This November, in the course of a mere 36 hours, our community made it possible that we could donate $6,750 for Standing Rock, in addition to a variety of necessities for the Water Protectors standing up against #NoDAPL. 
  • $458 – Hudson Valley Hospice Foundation
  • $456 – Breast Cancer Fund, which focuses on exposing & eliminating the environmental causes of breast cancer.
  • $563 – VA Adaptive Sports program from the VA Hudson Valley Health Care System at Castle Point. This organization help provide support, equipment and lessons to disabled Veterans. 
  • $40 – Peach Hill Park 
  • $35 – Rice Bowls – providing much needed meals to children around the world through partnerships with orphanages. 

In 2015, we contributed over $1,039 through the sale of our used books and other events to:

  • $192 – Healthy Families of Dutchess County – Provides free, voluntary services to support pregnant and parenting families through activities & education.
  • $472 – Hudson Valley chapter of JDRF – supporting research, cures, services & resources for those affected by Type 1 Diabetes.
  • $200 – FarmOn! Foundation – creates and funds youth educational programming to instill awareness, respect, and inspiration for sustainable farming, nutritional education, and community connections. Their current project is building a community center & working farm in the Hudson Valley dedicated to educating the next generation of sustainable farming, and educated food choices.
  • $100 – Rice Bowls – providing much needed meals to children around the world through partnerships with orphanages. 
  • $50 – St Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • $25 – Arts Mid Hudson

In 2014 we contributed $1,838 through the sale of our used books and other events:

  • $400 – The Living Well Program, which supports survivors of domestic violence, and during the course of the 16 week program the Dreaming Goddesses also prepared & served a meal for the participants & mentors.
  • $583 – Sparrows Nest, which prepares and delivers homemade trays of food to the families of moms with cancer in parts of the Hudson Valley.
  • $250 – TMI Project, which offers transformative memoir workshops and performances that empower people to move beyond their limiting stories.
  • $477 – Miles for Hope, fostering community, commitment, resources & services to support those affected by breast cancer.
  • $128 – Rice Bowls  – providing meals to children around the world through partnerships with orphanages. This is a program we continue to support throughout the year in addition to our quarterly donations.

In 2013 we contributed $2,180 through the sale of our used books and other events:

  • $337 – Miles for Hope.  $70 of which was raised by selling “flying wishes” at the Arlington Street Fair.
  • $100 – Peach Hill Park.  We hiked Peach Hill for a Full Moon Gathering and the collection basket was donated.
  • $520 – Project Helping Hands, in support of a local nurse, Devon Jameson, attending a medical trip in Peru.  Not only did we donate funds but collected supplies for distribution.

From the sale of used book in 2012 we collected $2,400.

The charities who benefited from your generosity were the SPCA, Go Red for Women, The Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie, Abilities First, The Kiwanis Club, High Valley Retreat Center, The Samaritan House for Women Vets, and a family directly affected by Hurricane Sandy.