Step into the mystical realm of Lions Gate where dreams take flight and wonders come alive! This celestial phenomenon is much more than a mere date on the calendar ~ it’s a powerful cosmic event that promises to unleash a flow of metaphysical and astrological wonders! Welcome this heavenly day with open arms and use it to increase cosmic energy and heighten spiritual awareness. ✨ One of the ways we’ve chosen to celebrate is by assembling our August Crystal Grid with fierce and fiery stones, allowing the grid to amplify and direct the portal’s energy toward our intentions and goals.

Stop by this month to soak in all its fiery energy and an empowering affirmation.

Stones in this Grid:
✨ Citrine Manifestation ~ Abundance
🔥 Honey Calcite Action ~ Self-Discovery
✨ Orchid Calcite Nurturing ~ Transformation
🔥 Carnelian Fertility ~ Creativity
✨ Bumble Bee Jasper Adventurousness ~ Creativity
🔥 Sunstone Abundance ~ Empowerment

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