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The Dreaming Goddess…

Dreaming-Goddess…was a trance-channeling priestess who ventured deeply into the darkness for divine inspiration. She was an oracle, dreaming visions of wholeness for one’s personal healing, the benefit of the community and Mother Earth. She was found in an alcove in an underground temple on the Island of Malta, dating back approximately 6,000 years ago.
Today her spirit is alive and vibrant. The Dreaming Goddess offers workshops, circles and gatherings. Connect to the cycles and rhythms of the Earth by celebrating the Wheel of the Year, and honoring the phases of the moon; times of the year that our dreaming-goddess-sign1ancestors revered and in many cases built great structures and altars (for example, Stonehenge and Newgrange).

We’re creating ceremony relevant to our time and to our culture, allowing these auspicious days to have deep meaning in our lives and in our connection to the Earth. Be sure to check out our calendar of events and happenings. You can join the email list serve and receive our monthly newsletter with all of our updates and news.


“There is a most natural experience when one walks into the Dreaming Goddess…. a Nature walk of its own. It speaks to me with a label I’ve adopted affectionately….pragmatic mysticism. This can be found in this Nest. An owner’s personal support coupled with a community support weave together to manifest the natural abundance desired by all. This space is a hearthside and the embers reflect the contributions.”
~ Bern Richards


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Monday thru Saturday: 10am – 6:00pm
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