The Dreaming Goddess…

Dreaming-Goddess…was a trance-channeling priestess who ventured deeply into the darkness for divine inspiration. She was an oracle, dreaming visions of wholeness for one’s personal healing, the benefit of the community and Mother Earth. She was found in an alcove in an underground temple on the Island of Malta, dating back approximately 6,000 years ago.
Today her spirit is alive and vibrant. The Dreaming Goddess offers workshops, circles and gatherings. Connect to the cycles and rhythms of the Earth by celebrating the Wheel of the Year, and honoring the phases of the moon; times of the year that our dreaming-goddess-sign1ancestors revered and in many cases built great structures and altars (for example, Stonehenge and Newgrange).

We’re creating ceremony relevant to our time and to our culture, allowing these auspicious days to have deep meaning in our lives and in our connection to the Earth. Be sure to check out our calendar of events and happenings. You can join the email list serve and receive our monthly newsletter with all of our updates and news.


“There is a most natural experience when one walks into the Dreaming Goddess…. a Nature walk of its own. It speaks to me with a label I’ve adopted affectionately….pragmatic mysticism. This can be found in this Nest. An owner’s personal support coupled with a community support weave together to manifest the natural abundance desired by all. This space is a hearthside and the embers reflect the contributions.”
~ Bern Richards


Please note our new shortened hours:

Monday thru Saturday: 10am – 5:30pm
Sunday: 12pm – 5pm


The staff at the Dreaming Goddess is a collective of vibrant, unique individuals who love what they do, and love to share with their community. Read below to learn more about the faces you see at the DG!


Owner, Visionary, Creatrix

“I love the many hats I wear, beginning with being the chief navigator of the fundamental going-ons at the DG. I’m a mother to one awesome man, a sister to two beautiful women, and Aunt Rhi Rhi to four amazing young humans. I’m currently the beloved caregiver of two black cats and a 6 ft red tail boa constrictor. I’m a fire spinner, hula hooper, dancer, healer, artist, a fabulous stir fry cooker (mainly because I don’t need a recipe ~ I can just let the creativeness flow).”

Favorite Mythical Creature: Unicorns are my favorite magical extinct creature. To call it mythical would imply that I didn’t believe they ever roamed the Earth.
Birthday/Zodiac Sign: Taurus with Virgo Rising; Moon in Cancer
If You Were a Stone or Crystal, What Would You Be: If I were a stone I would like to be a piece of Fire Agate ~ deep, mysterious, full of vibrant flashes of red, orange and gold that dance like flames.
Favorite Color: If I said my favorite color was anything other than purple would anyone believe me?!
Favorite Form of Divination: Pendulum
Favorite Tarot of Oracle Deck: The Messenger Oracle, by Ravynne Phelan, has become my favorite daily go to deck. As far as tarot, I have a tattered old deck of the Lovers Tarot, now long out of print, that are over-sized collage cards, depicting only the major arcana. I love it dearly and have found it to be incredibly profound. For readings my fall back to deck is the Robin Wood tarot.
Favorite Poem, Book or Author: Favorite poet is Mary Oliver and my favorite poem by her is “Sleeping in the Forest.”
Favorite Artist: Love my local girl Melissa Harris for sure.
Favorite Song to Sing or Dance to: Song to sing, dance and hula hoop to would be Anna Nalick “Breathe”, I like to fire spin to Evanescence “Bring Me to Life” and my favorite song to listen to is “Bliss” by Sirgun Karaoke and Sardar Shan Singh.
Favorite Movie: I have many favorite movies. These days I will only watch non scary sci-fi or super hero movies, animated movies and movies with happy endings.
Favorite place to grab a bite in the DG neighborhood: I love so many of our awesome neighborhood restaurants I couldn’t just tell you about one so here goes: any fresh juice or wrap at All Shook Up; any salad and the lavender lemonade from Twisted Soul; the baked brie at the Beechtree; and the pretzel, caramel, graham cracker crusted madness @ BC kitchen (Babycakes).
The best thing about working at the DG: The best thing about going to work every day starts off with being greeted by the most amazing staff. We are a cohesive family unit; growing, healing, challenging ourselves in the safety of each others gentleness and understanding. I am deeply blessed by each of their presence in my life, both at work and outside of the shop.



“So, I’m not from around here. I was “born” in Poughkeepsie, but I’ve originated from a great distance away as I suppose many of us have. I’ve worn many hats; student, artist, wife, mother, nurse, daughter, sister, and on and on. Nowadays, I spend much of my time at the Dreaming Goddess wearing the title of “Store Manager;” I prefer what my teammates call me, “NorthStar.” My joy at the Dreaming Goddess comes from the service I am able to provide my fellow world travelers. Ask me a question, maybe I have an answer at the ready, or I will seek the answer. In this way, we learn together. Joy.”

Favorite Mythical Creature: Phoenix
Birthday/Zodiac Sign: August 6th – Leo
If You Were A Stone or Crystal, What Would You Be: Peridot – Ancient Egyptians would carry them in dark caves to “light the way”; the light comes from inside.
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Form of Divination: Doesn’t have one
Favorite Tarot or Oracle Deck: Enchanted Map Oracle; Medieval Scapini Tarot
Favorite Poem, Book, or Author: Anne Rice
Favorite Artist: My kids.
Favorite Song to Sing or Dance to: “Devil Went Down to Georgia”
Favorite Movie: Practical Magic
The Best Thing About Working at the DG: Sharing what I’ve learned with customers.
Favorite Place to Grab a Bite in the DG Neighborhood: Bacio’s



Media Marketing Fairy

Favorite Mythical Creature: Siren
Birthday/Zodiac Sign: December 9 – Sagittarius
If You Were A Stone or Crystal, What Would You Be: Citrinated Smoky Quartz
Favorite Color: Mossy Green
Favorite Form of Divination: Pendulum, Tarot, Astrology
Favorite Tarot or Oracle Deck: The Wild Unknown tarot, and The Enchanted Map oracle.
Favorite Poem, Book, or Author: Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine; Kurt Vonnegut; The poem “To Helen” (the one that begins “I saw thee once…”) by Edgar Allen Poe
Favorite Artist: Anselm Keifer, Louise Bourgeois, Marc Chagall, Edward Gorey, Dave McKean
Favorite Song to Sing or Dance to: I love to dance to just about anything, but love listening to blues, funk, 70’s rock, 90’s jams… My favorite songs to belt out are Bohemian Rhaposdy by Queen, Come Sail Away by Styx, and randomly, Nicki Minaj “Super Bass.” But if I know the words (and often even if I don’t), I’m singing along to it.
Favorite Movie: Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade; Blade Runner
The Best Thing About Working at the DG: There is always something incredible to learn or grow from, whether from the people that come through the door, the classes & gatherings, or the different tools and objects in the shop. Also the fact that I am devastatingly in love with my work family doesn’t hurt either!
Favorite Place to Grab a Bite in the DG Neighborhood: It’s impossible to pick just one! But right now I’m craving Twisted Soul. Their “Bad Ass Rice Bowl” with pulled pork along with a lavender lemonade is a favorite meal.



“I Come From the Stars”

“I love going on hikes or walks in the woods to enjoy nature and the mysteries. I live with eight dogs and four cats – I love animals. I love working with crystals and stones. I’m a traveler. I make art and enjoy being creative. I’m a wire wrapper. I dig for crystals to find them, but most of the time they find me. I like to be of service to others and community and help in any way I can. I like to learn, listen, and observe.”

Favorite Mythical Creature: Phoenix-Wolf
Birthday/Zodiac Sign: Virgo
If You Were A Stone or Crystal, What Would You Be: I am a crystal, so I guess I would be a Smoky Amethyst elestial enhydro, self-healed.
Favorite Color: Blue and Rainbow
Favorite Form of Divination: Pendulum, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot
Favorite Tarot or Oracle Deck: The Wild Unknown
Favorite Poem, Book, or Author: The Poem “A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime.”
Favorite Artist: The Upstate Collective
Favorite Song to Sing or Dance to: Anything that has a filthy bass drop. . . . wub wub whomp whomp.
Favorite Movie: Hook
The Best Thing About Working at the DG: There are so many “best things” but one is having the best staff of Earthlings I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with because they accept my weirdness and for that I am grateful.
Favorite Place to Grab a Bite in the DG Neighborhood: Fresco Taco




Favorite Mythical Creature: Vampire
Birthday/Zodiac Sign: December 29 – Capricorn
If You Were A Stone or Crystal, What Would You Be: Rose Quartz, because it heals the heart
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Form of Divination: Tarot Cards
Favorite Tarot or Oracle Deck: Halloween Oracle
Favorite Poem, Book, or Author: The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe; The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Krause
Favorite Artist: Josephine Wall
Favorite Song to Sing or Dance to: Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
Favorite Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas; Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi
The Best Thing About Working at the DG: Learning about all the of the beautiful things in this world and where I fit into it.
Favorite Place to Grab a Bite in the DG Neighborhood: Twisted Soul