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tarot for beginners
For centuries, people have been finding answers in tarot readings, but is there more to this occult ritual? Tarot decks
Imbolc; Brigid's Day; Brigid; Dreaming Goddess Blog
At the core spirit of Imbolc, is Brigid ~ the much-revered Triple Goddess of the Hearth. Brigid is often called
Astrology Blog at DreamingGoddess.com; Capricorn New Moon; Capricorn Season
One of the strongest, steadiest, and most determined signs of the zodiac, we can all turn to the energies of
Working with candles and corresponding incenses, such as Frankincense, Myrrh, and Cinnamon, will also connect you to the Yule spirit
Sagittarius season
Five Ways to Connect with Sagittarian Energy. Embrace Adventure ~The Sag spirit calls upon us to seek adventure and to
Goddess Blog Hecate; DreamingGoddess.com
Hecate, a deity of the Underworld and companion of Persephone, is called the Queen of Night and the Goddess of
Every sign has its strengths – but with everything happening in our lives and our world in this very moment,
There is a chill in the air and beautiful leaves on the ground ~ the Earth is settling into the
Calling On Our Inner Libra; Libra Blog at DreamingGoddess.com
Libra season is upon us! This Fall zodiac sign encompasses birthdates from September 23rd - October 22nd. Since this zodiac
Wheel of the Year ~ Mabon
Summer is winding down, the temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are beginning to change; Fall is on the way!
As local businesses of all kinds are trying to determine how to continue, how to provide the services their clients
Sinking Into Pisces Season ~ Facing The Depths
As avid lovers of astrology, understanding the emotions and challenges that come with each sign’s season, we at the DG