Spring is Spiraling from Mother Earth

Spring is Spiraling from Mother Earth - Observing & Honoring the Life Force Energies Around Us Mother's Day is a few short weeks away... discover the beauty and mystery of the life force energies around us, and read further for ways to honor the incredible Women in your life. Mother Earth has been slowly stretching her [...]

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Blessed Spring Equinox – Balance & New Beginnings for Mind, Body & Soul

Spring Equinox - Balance & New Beginnings for Mind, Body & Soul   “Be aware of the gradual awakening of nature as it begins within the earth, and within you, proceeding steadily, no matter the weather. The promise of life encircles you, inspires you, and colors your world.” – Devotions of the Witch We have, it [...]

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The Planets Align as We Honor our Light: Welcome Imbolc

  It’s beautiful, the way the little things around us somehow line up in uncanny synchronicity. Many of us are still recovering from the snowstorm that swept along and buried much of the mid to North-east coast; although our little city of Poughkeepsie made it through entirely unscathed. We have been spoiled with a rather mild [...]

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Conquer Your Tower, Nourish Your Flame

The last few years have been trying ones. At the start of 2015, everyone was eager to say goodbye to the past year, so ready for the new year to be different. It seemed like it had to be easier than the last one. All the hard work you had done and were ready to do [...]

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Welcome to the Dreaming Goddess Blog

We want to continue to find new ways of providing our community with resources and insights for their own personal growth & development. We strive every day to bring that sense of support to the people who walk through our doors, but wanted to expand that ability. A blog seemed like the right next move! You [...]

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