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Lavender Lemonade ~ The Bee’s Knees
A few months ago, while traveling, I came across a super cool spice shop where I purchased a handful of
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Crystal Suncatcher Orb
Learning to See ~ Everyday Scrying for Beginners
One of my favorite things to do when trying to ‘get out of my mind’, is to scry. Scrying is
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Live By the Sun
Live by the Sun ~ Calendula as the Solar Embodiment Summer is here, bestowing its golden rays on us; our
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Tea & Stones Larvikite
For the Love of Crystals
We had an interesting experience over the weekend… Dreaming Goddess houses most of our glorious crystal specimens in a giant
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Scorpio Full Moon
Full Moon in Scorpio
This Scorpio Full Moon promises to bring to light any hidden mysteries hiding beneath the dark water’s surface. Scorpio energy
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Mother Mary Blog
Mother Mary
The Mother Never Leaves… Ostara and Easter Sunday are over a month apart this year, leaving much room to sit
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New Moon in Pisces ~ The Realm of Possibilities
“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is
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Aquarian Allies and Alignment
The Age of Aquarian Wisdom As we approach the close of Aquarius season, we wanted to make sure you knew
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Bring on the Love ~ Reclaiming Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day, our annual celebration of love is quickly approaching. Whether you seek to connect in an extra-special way with
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Dumha na nGiall
Wheel of the Year ~ Imbolc
“As a Triple Goddess, Brigid fires her arrows of inspiration (poetry, writing, arts and crafts), healing (the fire of life
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November’s New Moon and A Changing of the Astro Guard
Metamorphosis Continued We have quite a shift upon us. Again.  (You’re surprised right?) It is Election Day here in the
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Earth Allies Series Part III ~ Gatekeepers: Hawthorn & Tourmaline
Gatekeepers: Hawthorn & Tourmaline When it comes to the language of the heart, we often speak about ‘opening up’ to
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