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Wheel of the Year ~ Mabon
Summer is winding down, the temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are beginning to change; Fall is on the way!
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As local businesses of all kinds are trying to determine how to continue, how to provide the services their clients
Sinking Into Pisces Season ~ Facing The Depths
As avid lovers of astrology, understanding the emotions and challenges that come with each sign’s season, we at the DG
A few months ago, while traveling, I came across a super cool spice shop where I purchased a handful of
Live by the Sun ~ Calendula as the Solar Embodiment Summer is here, bestowing its golden rays on us; our
Tea & Stones Larvikite
We had an interesting experience over the weekend... Dreaming Goddess houses most of our glorious crystal specimens in a giant
Full Moon in Scorpio
This Scorpio Full Moon promises to bring to light any hidden mysteries hiding beneath the dark water's surface. Scorpio energy
The Mother Never Leaves...
The Mother Never Leaves... Ostara and Easter Sunday are over a month apart this year, leaving much room to sit
New Moon in Pisces ~ The Realm of Possibilities
“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is
Aquarian Allies and Alignment
The Age of Aquarian Wisdom As we approach the close of Aquarius season, we wanted to make sure you knew