Crystal & Gemstone Specimens
The Dreaming Goddess serves as temporary sanctuary to 100’s of crystals, tumbled & raw gemstones, free forms, cathedrals, spheres & other shapes; shells, meteorites, fossils and other amazing finds from the Earth. Each specimen carries its own innate energy, vibration, wisdom and gifts. Whether you are searching for stones to ease anxiety, attract love or abundance, we have the perfect stone, ready & patiently waiting, to aid you on your journey.
To see some of our larger, one-a-kind specimens for purchase, be sure to visit our Exquisite Stone Specimen page.
Need help selecting the perfect crystal for yourself or a loved one? Contact us during business hours to speak to one of our knowledgeable Dreaming Goddess staff members and help guide you in your process. You can call the shop @ 845-473-2206, or email us: