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Our DG Team is a collective of vibrant, passionate, and unique individuals who love what they do, and love to share with their community. Read on to learn more about the faces you see at Dreaming Goddess!


Owner, Visionary, Creatrix

“I love the many hats I wear, beginning with being the chief navigator of the fundamental going-ons at the DG. I’m a mother to one awesome man, a sister to two beautiful women, and Aunt Rhi Rhi to four amazing young humans. I’m currently the beloved caregiver of two black cats and a 6 ft red tail boa constrictor. I’m a fire spinner, hula hooper, dancer, healer, artist.”

Favorite Mystical Creature: Unicorns are my favorite magical extinct creature. 
Birthday/Zodiac Sign: Taurus with Virgo Rising; Moon in Cancer
If You Were a Stone or Crystal, What Would You Be: If I were a stone I would like to be a piece of Fire Agate ~ deep, mysterious, full of vibrant flashes of red, orange and gold that dance like flames.
Favorite Color: If I said my favorite color was anything other than purple would anyone believe me?!
Favorite Form of Divination: Pendulum
Favorite Tarot of Oracle Deck: The Messenger Oracle, by Ravynne Phelan, has become my favorite daily go to deck. As far as tarot, I have a tattered old deck of the Lovers Tarot, now long out of print, that are over-sized collage cards, depicting only the major arcana. I love it dearly and have found it to be incredibly profound. For readings my fall back to deck is the Robin Wood tarot.
Favorite Poem, Book or Author: Favorite poet is Mary Oliver and my favorite poem by her is “Sleeping in the Forest.”
Favorite Artist: Love my local girl Melissa Harris for sure.
Favorite Song to Sing or Dance to: Song to sing, dance and hula hoop to would be Anna Nalick “Breathe”, I like to fire spin to Evanescence “Bring Me to Life” and my favorite song to listen to is “Bliss” by Sirgun Karaoke and Sardar Shan Singh.
Favorite Movie: I have many favorite movies. These days I will only watch non scary sci-fi or super hero movies, animated movies and movies with happy endings.
Favorite place to grab a bite in the DG neighborhood: I love so many of our awesome neighborhood restaurants I couldn’t just tell you about one so here goes: fresh juice at All Shook Up; any salad and the lavender lemonade from Twisted Soul; everything on the menu at Tomato Cafe and all your coffee needs are well taken care of at the Crafted Kup – right next door.
The best thing about working at the DG: The best thing about going to work every day starts off with being greeted by the most amazing staff. We are a cohesive family unit; growing, healing, challenging ourselves in the safety of each others gentleness and understanding. I am deeply blessed by each of their presence in my life, both at work and outside of the shop.


Media Marketing Fairy

Favorite Mystical Creature: Siren
Birthday/Zodiac Sign: December 9th ~ Sagittarius
If You Were A Stone or Crystal, What Would You Be: Citrinated Smoky Quartz
Favorite Color: Mossy Green
Favorite Form of Divination: Pendulum, Tarot, Astrology
Favorite Tarot or Oracle Deck: The Wild Unknown tarot, and The Enchanted Map oracle.
Favorite Poem, Book, or Author: Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine; Kurt Vonnegut; The poem “To Helen” (the one that begins “I saw thee once…”) by Edgar Allen Poe
Favorite Artist: Anselm Keifer, Louise Bourgeois, Marc Chagall, Edward Gorey, Dave McKean
Favorite Song to Sing or Dance to: I love to dance to just about anything, but love listening to blues, funk, 70’s rock, 90’s jams… My favorite songs to belt out are Bohemian Rhaposdy by Queen, Come Sail Away by Styx, and randomly, Nicki Minaj “Super Bass.” But if I know the words (and often even if I don’t), I’m singing along to it.
Favorite Movie: Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade; Blade Runner
The Best Thing About Working at the DG: There is always something incredible to learn or grow from, whether from the people that come through the door, the classes & gatherings, or the different tools and objects in the shop. Also the fact that I am devastatingly in love with my work family doesn’t hurt either!
Favorite Place to Grab a Bite in the DG Neighborhood: Crafted Kup fulfills all my caffeine dreams, and breakfast & lunch too.


When foxes eat the last gold grape,
And the last white antelope is killed,
I shall stop fighting and escape
Into a little house I’ll build  ~EW

Favorite Mystical Creature: Naiad
Birthday/Zodiac Sign: December 30th ~ Capricorn Sun, Moon, & Mars; Cancer Rising.
If You Were A Stone or Crystal, What Would You Be: Labradorite
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Form of Divination: Intuitive Astrology, Oracle Cards
Favorite Tarot or Oracle Deck: Jamie Sams’ Medicine Cards
Favorite Poem, Book, or Author: “Escape” by Elinor Wylie, and “Ulysses” by Tennyson; Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon
Favorite Artist: Debra Bernier, Max Rive
Favorite Song to Sing or Dance to: Ani D will forever be at the top of my list of singer-songwriters.
Favorite Movie: So many…I love historical dramas, British comedies, warrior sagas, and love stories with an element of time travel.  The Last Samurai, Pirate Radio, Warrior, Cinderella Man, About Time, & The Age of Adeline are a few that stand out.
The Best Thing About Working at the DG: Seeing my favorite people and being able to dress however I want every day is pretty amazing, but what I love most is the fact that our spiritual work is incorporated in to everything we do here. Whether it is being surrounded by the vibration of all of the crystals, or bearing witness to others as they progress in their journey, or the fact that we are constantly challenging ourselves to walk our talk; being a member of this team calls on you to really be in your integrity and that is a beautiful thing.
Favorite Place to Grab a Bite in the DG Neighborhood: Crafted Kup for my espresso fix of course!


Favorite Mystical Creature: Mermaids, because I am one at heart.
Birthday/Zodiac Sign: November 23rd- Sagittarius Sun, Gemini Moon, Cancer Rising
If You Were A Stone or Crystal, What Would You Be: Morganite! A stone that reflects what my spiritual journey has been about.
Favorite Color: Pink! And green- unintentional heart chakra love
Favorite Form of Divination: Using my pendulum to choose tarot and oracle cards and runes.
Favorite Tarot or Oracle Deck: My first tarot deck was the Wild Unknown (now passed on to my little sister) and my current favorite oracle decks are the Divine Feminine Oracle and the Mystical Shaman Oracle.
Favorite Poem, Book, or Author: Caitlin Doughty, Rebecca Solnit, and Kassi Underwood for nonfiction. I love poetry (especially with a warm bath) and have a decent collection of children’s books (grown ups can enjoy and learn from them too!)
Favorite Artist: Too many to name- Jenny Saville, Cecily Brown, Louise Bourgeois, Tracey Emin, Kara Walker to name a few.
Favorite Song to Sing or Dance to: Favorite song: “I Like Giants” by Kimya Dawson. My forever favorite artist: Erykah Badu.
Favorite Movie: The Wizard of Oz and Interstellar.
The Best Thing About Working at the DG: Coming to work with the fabulous goddesses I am so grateful to call my work fam! Learning more and more everyday about myself, our products, the store, the world, and our customers 🙂 Assisting and supporting others in learning to create the reality they desire – I love when a customer leaves happy after a bad day!
Favorite Place to Grab a Bite in the DG Neighborhood: Crafted Kup coffee keeps me going and I enjoy BurgerFi, Tomato Cafe, and My Market!


The World does not decide if an experience is positive, negative, or neutral…you do.

Favorite Mystical Creature: White Stag
Birthday/Zodiac Sign: June 22nd ~ Cancer
If You Were A Stone or Crystal, What Would You Be: Turquoise or Moonstone
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Favorite Form of Divination:  Tarot & Oracle Cards
Favorite Tarot or Oracle Deck:  Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck & Earthly Souls and Spirits Oracle
Favorite Poem, Book, or Author: Anne Rice
Favorite Artist: My Children, Terri Foss, and Lady Viktoria
Favorite Song to Sing or Dance to:  No Rain by Blind Melon
Favorite Movie: Practical Magic…I named my daughter after one of the characters!
The Best Thing About Working at the DG: My Dreaming Goddess sisters are incredible humans. The energy that they weave creates an inspirational environment for all who seek an uplifting, supportive experience.
Favorite Place to Grab a Bite in the DG Neighborhood:  I don’t have a favorite yet.



I am 25 years old with a passion for love and family. I live with my father, 2 brothers and sister-in-law.  I have 3 dogs by the name of Happy, Nitro and Joey.  In my free time I love to read, laugh, sing and dance.  I live my life with happiness and love as my #1 priority.

Favorite Mystical Creature: Unicorns & Mermaids
Birthday/Zodiac Sign: November 26th, 1993 ~ Sagittarius
If You Were A Stone or Crystal, What Would You Be: Rose Quartz
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Form of Divination: Pendulum
Favorite Tarot or Oracle Deck: Unicorn Deck
Favorite Poem, Book, or Author: The Secret
Favorite Artist: Stevie Nicks
Favorite Song to Sing or Dance to: Gypsy by Stevie Nicks
Favorite Movie: The Little Mermaid
The Best Thing About Working at the DG: Learning about all the crystals and herbs, and what they can do for you.  Also, all the love I feel from all the girls I work with.
Favorite Place to Grab a Bite in the DG Neighborhood: Twisted Soul.




Jack of all trades, master of none, I’m constantly learning and trying new things!  I consciously live my life in a way that embraces new opportunities in order to never have regrets. Some of these have turned into writing a book, learning to design clothes, and starting ballet at the ripe old age of 25! I also enjoy filmmaking and acting. One day, I’d love to produce a feature film, and on another day, star in one!

Favorite Mystical Creature: Vardoger ~ in Norse mythology it is a spiritual predecessor. It is a guardian ghost with your voice, scent, or appearance that arrives in a place before you do, it is like a phantom double.
Birthday/Zodiac Sign: January 14th ~ Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon
If You Were A Stone or Crystal, What Would You Be: Dendritic Agate ~ it looks like a snowy landscape with pine trees and I love winter. It also represents abundance in every aspect of life.
Favorite Color: Maroon and Orange
Favorite Form of Divination: Astrology
Favorite Tarot or Oracle Deck: Wisdom of the Oracle or Postcards from Spirit, both by Colette Baron-Reid.
Favorite Poem, Book, or Author: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
Favorite Artist: Michelangelo~ how he completed the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel amazes me. When you see it in person, the world stands still and you can’t help but cry.
Favorite Song to Sing or Dance to: I am kind of lame when it comes to music because I listen to mainly classical, but if I was going to get down to something Lizzo and Post Malone would be my “go-to”!
Favorite Movie: Wolf of Wall Street, A League of Their Own, Interstellar
The Best Thing About Working at the DG: Being able to create magic and then share it with others and working with the kindest, most inspiring group of women!
Favorite Place to Grab a Bite in the DG Neighborhood: Tomato Cafe! Anything I’m craving, they’ve got it there!



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