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Calcium Phosphate with a hexagonal system

Hardness: 5

Month: December

Zodiac: Gemini, Aquarius

Planet: Jupiter, Neptune

Chakra: Third Eye (6th), Throat (5th)

Element: Wind/Water

Found: Brazil, Burma, Russia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, India, Mexico, Greenland, Canada and the US.


Psychic Activation ~ Dreams

Apatite is a calcium phosphate mineral with a hexagonal crystal system. Its name comes from a Greek word that means “to deceive” because of the many colors and forms it occurs in, and it is easy to mistake it for a different stone. It is found most abundantly in Kirovsk, Russia.

Blue Apatite, the stone we have in store, helps to open the third eye and bring revelations closer. It is helpful for amplifying your psychic abilities, great for lucid dreaming and astral travel. Helps one to access the Akashic records and understand the patterns of karma. It is related to service and to the development of humanitarian pursuits.

It enhances creativity and awakens the finer inner self.  Apatite is stimulating to the mind and can enhance general mental function and clarity.

  • Keep in your pillowcase for lucid dreaming.
  • Wearing this stone has been said to suppress hunger.