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Member of the Zeolite Group

Mineral Class: Silicates

Hardness: 4.5 -5

Zodiac: Gemini and Libra

Grows with: Stilbite, Heulandite, Quartz, Calcite, Scolecite, Prenite

Growing Habit: rectangular prism capped by a steep four-sided pyramid, a diamond-shaped pyramidal face instead of a typical triangular pyramid face of quartz.


Angelic ~ Higher Awareness

“Mini temples dedicated to the healing and enlightenment of the Earth and her children.” – Naisha Ahsian

A hydrated potassium calcium silicate mineral with a tetragonal crystal system. It grows as a rectangular prism capped by a steep four-sided pyramid, a diamond-shaped pyramidal face instead of a typical triangular pyramid face of quartz. The faces of the pyramids are rotated 45 degrees with respect to the prism faces and so plunge down into the prism edges. If the pyramids are missing, the crystals can look cubic.

It often appears in cubic or pyramid shapes. Most apophyllite comes from India.

We carry clusters which contain one or more: green apophyllite, scolecite, calcite, quartz, and/or stilbite. 

Stilbite can help one to retain the understanding of knowledge. Stilbite also helps to balance the hemispheres of the brain; when balance has happened, this allows whole-brain thinking to occur! It’s been said that stilbite can help with ADD and ADHD patients because of the mental balance that stilbite releases.

Clusters w/Stilbite are naturally formed pyramid shapes that grow from a common base and emit energy in all directions. Great for Grids, Energy Work and Meditation.

Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties

It is a stone of peace and spirituality, carrying a crisp, clear vibration. It is incredibly helpful to attuning one to the higher spiritual self, and connecting with angelic realms. It clears and relieves blockages from this channels, allowing a clear flow of divine energy.

This amazing stone which naturally forms in pyramid shape expands the crown and third eye. It is one of the best stones for meditation, inter-dimensional travel & heightened dream states. It also enhances intuitive visions such as scrying. It enhances mindful analysis, tinged with universal love. Can assist one to return to their spiritual path with a renewed sense of trust and connection to the Divine.

The meaning of the name Apophyllite comes from the Greek words that mean ‘get’ and ‘leaf’… referring to its tendency to exfoliate like a leaf when heated, due to the loss of water molecules. These stones have a high water content, which gives them the ability to conduct electricity.

Apophyllites are tremendous transmitters of energy, carrying a high, spirit vibration.

  • Can dispel the “Dark night of the soul” and return you to your spiritual path
  • Magnify and focus energy through the apex of the pyramid shape, and can enhance intuition.
  • Spiritual vibration of Sacred Geometry.
  • It can connect one to the higher planes, bringing new wisdom through the subconscious.
  • It releases mental blocks and negative thought patterns, making it a very effective personal power crystal.
  • Deepens understanding of spiritual lessons.
  • Spiritually energize your being
  • To bring your spiritual growth to the next level.
  • Connect one to higher realms.
  • Said that if you lie with a pyramid on each eye, it will help your eyesight

Keep these points and clusters around the home to bring purity and a spiritual atmosphere to the environment.

Green Apophyllite

  • connect you to the electro-magnetic field of the Earth
  • connect you to the abundant life force energy of Nature
  • connect you to Nature devas, plant spirits and animal spirits
  • REBIRTH, Healing and growth – earth cycles
  • Portals and dimensional doorways

Great to support you in connecting to all your stones.