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“I am a ray of vibrant light. I let go of what no longer serves me.”


Carbonate mineral, a polymorph of calcite, may contain strontium, lead zinc.

Hardness: 3.5-4

Zodiac: Capricorn


Element: Earth, Storm (all four elements)

Chakra: Root

Found: Mexico, Spain, Namibia, Morocco


Transformation ~ Confidence ~ Inner Strength

Aragonite is a grounding stone. It is often used to center and ground physical energies and is very useful during stressful times.  It is excellent for clearing and activating the auric field, chakras and meridians.  It also assists in emotional growth and self-healing work, aiding in renewed strength and confidence.

The Aragonite star clusters blend the energies of all 5 elements, creating a sense of balance and completion.  Because of their form, Aragonite Stars radiate energy outward in many directions, creating a ‘web’ of Light Force throughout the energy systems. Star Clusters promote a sense of balance while cleansing the surrounding energy. Use these to fortify strength and confidence and to open yourself to new visions.

Aragonite is a Storm element stone. This generally means it connects with all the elements, resulting in energy that is balanced and invigorating.

Use Aragonite when working with the Root and Earth Star Chakras – stabilizing, supports to release excess energy. Use for grounding and strengthening you connection to the Earth. It is often used to center and ground physical energies and is very useful during stressful times.

Aragonite promotes focus and concentration, and can be helpful for students. Meditating with Aragonite can help to ground spiritual growth into the lower chakras, raising the overall vibration of the body. Many crystal lovers enjoy Aragonite’s centering energies, and work with it to help bring peace and serenity to volatile situations.

Be warned – Aragonite is a stone that gets to the root of a situation. If you have an issue that you’re sweeping under the rug, it’s going to bring it up so fast that the rug just disappears. It brings up anger, fear, unresolved emotions and every other cobweb within your mind and body that you would prefer to deal with at a later time. The positive of this is that it truly is supportive of this process, giving you the KNOWING that you have the strength and ability to deal with these situations, and that it will be better.

It invites you to come closer, to look deep within all the tubes of energy that all originate from one central point. The aragonite meaning emanates this is the light. Each tube of energy beams light outwards, surrounding you with a web of light. You will be and feel better than before, but you must face your dark side to feel its light. Aragonite says, I am a cluster of light, and you too can also feel like a star shining bright in the sky. You can be a human star, BUT you must walk through the void, as the light awaits you.