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The rainbow colors of chalcopyrite activate and move energy throughout your field.


Perception ~ Meditation

Chalcopyrite can be used to enhance ones abilities of perception and to strengthen ones contact with the ancient cultures of the universe. It is excellent for use in meditation and assists one in attaining and in maintaining the state. Resonates with the higher chakras and is a powerful connection to the mystical realms; Known as a stone of abundance, increases joy and happiness.

  • This mineral has been used to assist one in finding “lost” objects.
  • The name “Chalcopyrite” is derived from the Greek words chalkos, “copper” and pyrites, “strike fire”.
  • Also known as Peacock Ore
  • Used in acupuncture treatments to activate the movement of Chi.

We sell small pieces of Chalcopyrite online, however we do have some larger specimens in store. For more information, call the Dreaming Goddess @ 845.473.2206 or via email through our contact page.