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“I ask for the revelation of my highest path of service, and I embrace it fully, knowing I am protected from all harm.” – Naisha Ahsian


Protection ~ Transformation

Charoite brings spirituality into the earth plane level, assists in past life memory work and assists one in being a more effective healer. It can help to ground high frequency energy into the physical realm. Charoite can assist healers or others who work with high-frequency vibrations, as it assists in both regulating their flow through the body and in grounding excess energy to prevent psychic burn-out.

It activates the latent inner knowledge that can lead you to your path of service to the world by opening and connecting energies of the upper and lower chakras.

  • Named for the Charo River in Siberia. The word “Chary” in Russian means “magic” or “charms.”
  • Charoite comes from an area of Siberia once associated with political prisoners and has become a source of comfort and a symbol of endurance in adversity.
  • Charoite is known for its powerful emanation of the Purple Ray and can therefore help to protect from psychic attacks and cleanse the aura dispelling negativity, fear and disharmony
  • Charoite can increase the likelihood of synchronicites in one’s life
  • One of nature’s best dream stones
  • It grants the courage to start over after repossession, overcomes job loss in an area of high unemployment, and sustains those in prison, boarding school, the hospital or in residential care.
  • Wear Charoite to avert premonitions of disasters you cannot prevent, and to channel these powers into positive intuition.
  • Charoite can be used to overcome obsessions and compulsions.

Charoite energies blend beautifully with Amethyst, Moldavite, Seraphinite, Lunzite, Apatite, and others ~ To use Charoite for protection and enhance those qualities, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline & Jet are wonderful additions.