Dreaming Goddess hosts a range of offerings to enrich your life and empower your spiritual and personal growth. DG Events provide a safe haven for you to connect with a community of fellow seekers. Take a break from the outside world to explore, reconnect, remember, heal, and expand your inner landscape. Please read on for COVID-19 Updates.

DG Events have gone online because of social distancing, and the continued effort to provide our community with a safe experience based upon current guidance and best practices. We are phasing in in-person experiences as feels best.

We now offer weekly Rocks with Rhi, Rhi-Views, and #DGLIVE Crystal Sales via Facebook livestream.  Please call us at the Shop with any questions you may have, or post those questions in the corresponding Facebook Event so that others may see and ask any related or follow-on questions.  We will continue to post updates here on the website, but for up-to-the minute changes or questions, please follow us on Facebook, and check that you are “Going” to the event so that you receive notifications.

If you have any questions about our DG Events please call the Shop at 845-473-2206 during regular business hours.

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Water Ceremony on the Hudson River with Dreaming Goddess in Poughkeepsie, NYWater Ceremony on the Hudson River

*Resumes in Spring of 2022


1st Sunday of the month at 11am at the Poughkeepsie Boat Launch.

Please bring your families and friends and join us for our Prayer ceremony along the banks of this sacred body of water. We will meet at the Poughkeepsie Waterfront – at the boat launch next to the Ice House. We will offer up our prayers with tobacco and song, sending them down to the Ocean, for the healing of the waters, the healing of Mother Earth and all of our Relations. We will honor our mighty river and all the life that it sustains within it and along her shores.


Tea & Stones ~ Free Crystal Classes at Dreaming GoddessRocks with Rhi
Every Tuesday at 6:30pm Live on Facebook

Each week we explore a different stone from our vast collection. You’ll learn about their healing qualities, some history and folklore, and ways to incorporate them into your daily life. Grab your favorite beverage and join us from your coziest spot as Rhianna shares with us about this week’s study, which we will announce the day of the event.Rocks with Rhi

DG Events; Events at DreamingGoddess.com; Rocks with Rhi; DGLIVE; Midweek Rhi-ViewThe Rhi-View
Spontaneous Lives on Facebook

Check-in with Owner, Visionary and Creatrix, Rhianna Mirabello. Catch a Rhi-View of our newest magical tools and treasures along with Manifestation How-To’s, Self-Care Check In’s, Astrology, musings and current events. Follow us on Facebook to receive notifications.

#DGLIVE Crystal Sales
Every Thursday at 6:30pm Live on Facebook

Our #DGLIVE Sales on Facebook showcase a curated variety of skillfully polished crystals along with stones and minerals in their natural, raw state. The lives may also include other tools that support your journey – oracle decks, jewelry, grids, essential oils, herbal blends, etc. I allow my intuitive sense to choose items from our extensive inventory to enhance and expand your live experience. ⁣⁣⁣


Aura Photo Day
Wednesday, March 16th, 2022 from 11am – 5pm at the Shop. $35 for a 15min appointment.

This Aura Photo experience includes a simple overview of the process, your personal scan printed out in color, a short discussion about your Chakra and Aura size shape and color, what that all means, and an emailed 23 page report explaining your scan as generated by the software. You can expect all of this to take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Please call in advance to book your appointment.

Rhianna M. Dreaming GoddessRhianna Mirabello’s life’s work is facilitating and organizing spiritual community. She is in service to the divine feminine and works closely with the women in her tribe to heal, empower, and spread love.

She is an ordained nondenominational minister who has coordinated spiritual gathering and created rituals around the world since 1990.  Her first shamanic teacher was Celtic Shaman Tom Cowan. Rhianna has continued to study with Tom, and completed his two year training program in 2006. Incorporating teachings from many indigenous cultures, Rhianna is a Mesa carrier in the Q’ero tradition as taught by Alberto Villoldo’s Light Body School and has completed the Medicine Wheel Training through the Four Winds.

She has had the privilege of working with many other gifted healers and teachers which have assisted her in creating a rich and diverse spiritual practice. Some of those teachers and guides include Alberto Villoldo, Ted Andrews, Rick Jarow, Beautiful Painted Arrow – Joseph Rael, Grandmother Waynonaha Two Worlds, Rainbow Weaver,  and Bern Richards.

Rhianna became a Reiki Master Teacher in 1997, and is also a Karuna Reiki practitioner. Rhianna is trained in the powerful arts of herbalism, candle magic, crystal and energy healing, chakra healing, aromatherapy, divination, manifestation and the laws of attraction, and is knowledgeable in a wide range of magical and spiritual traditions.

“As each of us dives courageously into the depths of our own being, into our own truths, exploring who we are in relationship to the Planet and to the rest of its inhabitants… the healing of the world begins – one person at a time, creating a ripple of love that affects the whole.”