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Pride Crystal Grid

June 27, 2023

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It’s June, so this month we’re holding space for you to be your true authentic self and we have created a Pride crystal grid! At the Dreaming Goddess, we believe in kindness & love above all else and strive to create a safe space where we can empower every human to find the strength within.

We connected with those who have sacrificed to be themselves and created this beautiful grid in honor of them, as well as those who continue to allow their truth to be present in the world. Stop by the DG throughout June to visit this month’s Crystal Grid, receive a charged affirmation from The Great Mother, and grab a complimentary piece of Black Tourmaline for extra protection. Feel safe to be you who are and remember that you are loved, always.

pride grid Stones Used:

Tiger’s Eye – Protection ~ Purification
Turquois – Wholeness ~ Communication
Banded Amethyst – Shielding ~ Spiritual Awareness
Pyrite – Manifesting ~ Vitality
Black Tourmaline – Protection ~ Purification
Clear Quartz – Energy Amplifier ~ Clarity




Can’t make it in our store in Poughkeepsie, NY? Be sure to watch the full video for a supportive message from Rhianna ✨