May the Moon fill the valley of your longing with her glow  May your perceptions be lunar and flung open like a door May you be like the Moon, undone and remade a thousand times always returning home to your opening heart

~ L. Sixfingers 2016 from The Moonwomyn’s Blessings

Happy Birthday Cancer! What a lovely blessing to have begun your birthday season with last week’s Summer Solstice ~ we hope that it was a beautiful one for you. However, that Full Moon in your opposite sign of Capricorn has brought about a little too much karma and ‘reality’ for some people’s liking. (Especially those who are unfamiliar with the ‘feels’ that you Cancers have been managing your entire lives!) But let’s not focus too much on the current vibe – lets talk about you, your energetic happenings, and what the remainder of 2018 has in store!

If you were born as a Cancer (or if your ascendant sign is Cancer), your emotions are deeply affected by the Moon. She is our fastest moving Celestial body, governing the waters of the Earth, both those within our bodies and those outside of them. As a Cancer, your emotions move quickly like (and with) the Moon. This is why Cancers have such a rap for being ‘so sensitive.’ Nonsense. While it is true that you can be a tad moody, the beauty of this changeability, is that you are gifted with deeply perceptive intuition, flowing creativity, and unparalleled tenderness and affection. It would be foolish to mistake a Cancer’s sensitivity for weakness; to the contrary, they are quite strong.  They inhabit a hard outer layer that can sometimes prevent their inner sweetness from being immediately detectable by others – it often lies hidden beneath that protective shell, presenting instead as timidity, shyness, or even standoffishness, and giving no indication of their deep desire to connect meaningfully with others. If a Crab’s intuition tells them something is off, their defensive instincts kick in and the shell remains tightly shut. Good luck getting them to come out before they are ready. Cancer is a Cardinal sign, and one of the “extremes” upon which the great wheel turns.  They are the Cardinal Water sign, and thus deeply in tune with the softer, kinder, more compassionate aspects of the feminine nature – qualities that are incredibly important on Earth at this time.

2018 heralds the beginning of an interesting time for you Cancer. You are receiving a Universal nudge to come out of your shell. You’ll be supported with an increase in energy overall, as the Sun – our life force – returns to your home sign, and somber Saturn finally moves on after spending three dampening years in your house of health and wellbeing. It is a powerful time for you, and one of opportunity as well; a desire for self-expression, new forms of entertainment, and romantic explorations are all beckoning you to come out and play.  You are in a growing period on many levels, physically and emotionally, as you find yourself experiencing newfound confidence and feeling greater potential. Use your intuition to determine what you want to nurture and grow.

Professionally too, you are ready to move forward. After seven long years, Uranus is finally moving out of your career sector and on to new horizons –you will be able to get off that wild rollercoaster and gain some traction now that the great disruptor has traveled on. You should begin to feel more joy and sense of reward in your projects and routines. Uranus’ presence in Taurus will have a positive effect in the sense that his ‘shake it up’ influence will energize your social life in a big way – this will continue for the next several years.

Financially, especially with the upcoming eclipses in your sign – the first on July 12th – things will be evolving for you. It will be important to remain mindful of how you are managing your resources, and to find balance in terms of giving and receiving. Make sure that you are tending to your own needs.

Your personal relationships will be one area where you may feel like you are being called to ‘do the work.’ This area of your chart is under the influence of both Saturn and Pluto – foundations will be tested, and lessons will be learned…Saturn LOVES to teach lessons. That said if things begin to feel hard, like you are being stretched or squeezed, try to step back and become the Observer. What is the lesson? Remember that both of these heavy hitters push you to do the work which rewards your best interest in the long term. Have patience and keep the faith.

Overall, you’re in the midst of a pretty positive and playful time moonchild! Soak up the fun and allow your creativity to flow – as long as you keep everything in balance, you are in for a promising period of expansion. Embrace it with gratitude and and purge whatever needs to go.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess


Cancer Stones


Being ruled by the Moon, Moonstone is the prime talisman for Cancer, especially during your birthday season. It aids in connecting one to the earthly feminine energies of the moon, helping you to tap into the realm of intuition, and the goddess. It helps to gently clear the mind and light body, all the while stimulating and helping you to dive deeper into the mysteries of your own inner work; it helps you to dip into one’s own waxing & waning, ebb & flow of the various aspects of our lives.

Emerald is a foremost stone of a healed and balanced heart. It aids in healing heartbreak, by opening and nurturing the heart center. Its soothing heart energies revitalize the spirit, and remind us to not only give love to others, but give love to ourselves as well. Along with that of great heart, Emerald is also a stone of courage, wisdom, and clarity.

Citrine is often considered a prime stone of manifestation, and brings joy and warmth to the being. It offers generous sunshine for the soul; it diffuses, dissipates and grounds negative energies, while instilling vitality and encouragement and purifying the physical and subtle bodies.

This little power pack of stones for Cancer will work together to help one to calm, balance, and also potentially uplift ones energies. It will aid you in getting in tune with the ebb and flow of your emotions, paying mind and tending to that which makes you, you.

“I am in tune with a whole, healed heart, free from expectation and full of love for myself and others.”