Metamorphosis Continued

We have quite a shift upon us. Again.  (You’re surprised right?) It is Election Day here in the States, and no one knows what we will wake up to on tomorrow’s New Moon.  One thing however, is certain – in either case, many people may feel as though their world and their security are at risk.  To be sure, that feeling has been on the rise for some time; most notably as we all quaked and shimmied through the gazillion retrogrades of 2018.  While we are not yet through the eye of the needle, there are some who are acclimating to the sense of being squeezed – or at least have begun to realize that the way it ‘used to be’ is no more.

We have several planetary transits in November that will shift the energies yet again, and significantly too.  Some astrologers have written that November 7th will be life changing.  Numerologists are focused on the “11” aspect – 2018 adds up to the number 11, meaning that this 11/11/11 is an especially powerful one.  Add in that the gateway is one among other major shifts, and we can begin to understand how, as Astrologer Ang Stoic writes  “This phenomenal shift in our evolutionary gear is akin to a dramatic key change in the orchestral symphony that accompanies our already beautiful, yet somewhat angst-filled lives.”

The New Moon occurs Wednesday, November 7th at 11:02am EST in the sign of Scorpio.  This on its own might be enough this year, as we are already in the middle of a very intense Scorpio season, and more than a few of us are still reeling from Venus’ retrograde period in this sign as well.  Jupiter too has spent the past year in Scorpio, and 2018 saw a great many hurts dredged up and exposed under an unflinching spotlight.  We don’t need to rehash all of that here, but it might bear repeating that the darkest night lies before the dawn – so yes, the energies are shifting again, but Scorpio may still have a few truths yet to be revealed. With that in mind, here is what you may wish to tuck away for the sake of perspective – particularly over the next two weeks.

A Few Transits For Your Transition

Uranus, who entered retrograde on August 8th, will revisit Aries one last time beginning today, November 6th.  The planet of revolution and change, Uranus stirred up quite a bit of that since he first entered Aries in 2011. He now leaves Taurus and returns to the fiery sign for 5 more months churning up and closing out any unfinished business before he departs for good.  (Or at least for the next 80 years or so.)  The effects of Uranus are often more visible on a grand scale – think global rather than personal – yet, you may now find yourself experiencing some of the same themes or feelings that you had this past April.  As this planetary agent of disruption hits the rewind button, be open to the idea that any changes that come in this period are necessary ones, happening in order to help you shift into what is yet to come, and need not be seen as ominous.

Jupiter, the great benefic of the zodiac, and the largest planet in our solar system, moves out of Scorpio on November 8th, the day after the New Moon.  Any issues that have arisen for you while Jupiter was in Scorpio may now come up again for a final review, before he moves on to Sagittarius.  There, Jupiter will be at his full power in his home sign.  The coming year will be a good one for us all to focus on the big picture, and what our life’s journey really needs in order to come in to full alignment.  Jupiter is wonderful for helping to reveal opportunities that we might otherwise miss.

The Lunar Nodes shift in November as well – the North Node into Cancer, and the South Node into Capricorn.  This happens every year and a half, and is something that we’ll be blogging about in the future.  For the moment, just know that in a communal sense, we are all in need of healing. As a planet, we are tired, we are worried, and we are scared.  The burden feels heavy.  The solution to this lies in the Cancerian North Node – Mothering.  Cancer is the astrological mother, and we all, our entire planet, needs some mothering right now.  Sit with that for a bit.

Venus is emerging from the Scorpionic depths and carries with her that which she wishes to reveal.  As she turns Direct on November 16th in Libra, the sign of partnerships and equity, we will be called to examine our personal relationships once more.  What have we learned? What has asked for our attention since she began her journey on October 6th?  You may feel ready to move forward, and yet….

Mercury officially enters his final retrograde for 2018 the very day after Venus goes direct. This could be the most difficult Mercury Rx of the year, as the winged one is uncomfortable and in his detriment in Sagittarius. Sag is often accused of ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome, and as Mercury rules communication…you can imagine how that can go. Sag is also a Fire Sign, so opinions can be more volatile under this influence. Further, there’s a tense aspect to Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, which means that communication can be even more muddled than usual for a Mercury Rx.  The takeaway for this retrograde is to focus inward – don’t assume that others are receptive or even on the same page.  Take extra care to speak clearly and kindly in a concerted effort to bypass undesired tension.  There’s already a lot going on…

…and so, how can we synthesize all of this in the interest of smoother transits and gentler transformations. Read on!

5 Ways to Take Charge of Your Own Transformation:

1. It isn’t New Year’s Eve just yet, but it IS a good time to set some intentions.  This New Moon creates a strong focus on where we are going – align your heart and mind accordingly.

2.  Include in your intentions the release of any old karmic patterns or ‘bad habits,’ accepting that as a part of any transformation, certain pieces of us, and certain aspects of our world, must crumble.

3. In regard to releasing – release the ‘things’ as well.  Be willing to clear out the physical clutter as well as the emotional.  As we do this, we make room for more meaningful connections.

4. Resist the urge for fight, flight, or escapism.  Transformations, regardless of their nature are inherently uncomfortable.  Notice when your heart is shutting down or asking you to withdraw.  Choose to sit with that, allowing yourself to feel whatever comes up.  Skip the bypass and lean in.

5. Put your spiritual destiny into practice – choose love each day.

Clearly, November has more in store for us than political elections!  Granted, reading through the above transits probably feels a little overwhelming, and that’s ok. It doesn’t need to bog you down or feel confusing – think of the transits as Universal Cliff’s Notes.  You don’t have to go ‘all in’ on Astrology if it isn’t your thing, and you also don’t need to assume it will affect you definitively or in a certain way.  Simply tuck away the bits that resonate for you, and apply the knowledge situationally and as needed.  Remember too, that the energies of the 11/11/11 Gateway are called a ‘portal’ for a reason.  That energy opens up a cosmic door so that the light may reach us more easily.  It is a gift ~ use it as such!  11/11 falls on a Sunday here in the US, and hopefully, that will allow more of us to set aside the time to create a meditative space and open ourselves up to receiving all of the blessings and all of the assistance that the guides and the ancestors are sending our way.  After all,  we are here together in these times to learn and to heal.  Let’s take the responsibility to heal ourselves first, so that we may then shine the light for others.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess

Tools for Transition

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