Pocket Charms

//Pocket Charms
  • Reminders of your inner strength and wisdom. Beautiful keepsakes inspired by Brigid, ancient Goddess of the Emerald Isle. Perfect to carry in a pocket or give as a thoughtful gift. Each holds an inspiring message to reconnect you with the strength and wisdom within your own heart. 1" pewter charm, each with one of 12 inscriptions, comes assorted. Handcrafted in the USA.
  • Tiny-Hearts Tiny-Hearts
    Messages of love for friends and loved ones – or for yourself. 1/2" pewter tiny hearts, each inscribed with one of 20 messages, come assorted. Handcrafted in the USA.
  • A tiny ceramic ladybug, giving a sweet reminder of the good fortune and abundance of good wishes in your life in all its forms, big & small. Measures approx .5" in diameter. Comes with poem card.
  • Each day is a journey, we take one step at a time with friends to support us on each challenge as we climb. Whatever direction we go and no matter what comes our way, may our journey through life bring us happiness each day. Journey Charm comes with poem card.
  • Add this little pewter charm to your pocket to attract good fortune. Made in the USA
  • Carry a celtic blessing to brighten your path. Pewter Celtic Tree of Life charms are inscribed with words of inspiration, 12 different in all. Made in the USA. Comes assorted.
  • Little pewter genie lamp to help make all your wishes come true. Pewter. Made in the USA.