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Amethyst – Banded

Amethyst – Banded


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Visions ~ Psychic Abilities

Average size: .50″ x .25″ x .50″

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In stock


Banded Amethyst, also known as Chevron Amethyst, carries the healing and meditative properties of Amethyst. In addition, it helps with the perception and interpretation of the aura. It also clears the aura and dissipates negativity. This stone also helps to find positive resolutions to problems. It is a fantastic stone for working with the third-eye. Placement of this stone on a chakra serves to release the tensions of that chakra and to further energize the areas which have heretofore been static.

Helping one tap into their own powerful intuitive self, it is an excellent stone for those on the path of self-discovery – another powerful stone for this would be Labradorite.

Stimulates visions into unknown realms both within the self & other worlds. Dissipates negativity. Excellent stone for journey work & self-exploration.  Stimulates imagining positive outcomes.



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