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Protection ~ Grounding

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Andalusite is an aluminum silicate mineral. Found in prismatic crystals, when sliced are brown with a black cross through it. The black is caused by carbonaceous inclusions.

This cut of this stone, in which the black cross is visible, is called chiastolite. It is wonderfully grounding, balancing and centering. It is said to be good for psychic protection, and helpful in traversing difficult situations. Good for healers. It cleanses and activates the higher chakras. Excellent stone for helping sensitive people feel at home and safe. It offers a sense of contentment and well being. It stimulates memory and recollection, tapping into ancestral knowledge.

Connects to a constant flow of high vibration energy while grounding to the earth energy; Aids in overcoming feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety; Awakens inner knowing and ancestral awareness.

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