Perception ~ Meditation

Sold in a unit of 4 small assorted colored purple, blue, and gold multicolored pieces, aka peacock ore.

Each piece is approximately .50″ x .25: x .25″

If you are seeking a larger quantity of this item please contact the shop to check availability.

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Can assist in removing energy blockages. Cleanses and activates the crown chakra. Used in acupuncture treatments to activate the movement of Chi. Great stone for meditating with as it can assist in attaining higher levels of stillness (no-mind).

  • This mineral has been used to assist one in finding “lost” objects.
  • The name “Chalcopyrite” is derived from the Greek words chalkos, “copper” and pyrites, “strike fire”.

Resonates with the higher chakras and is a powerful connection to the mystical realms; Used to activate the movement of Chi; Known as a stone of abundance, increases joy and happiness.

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Weight 0.05 oz
Dimensions 0.5 × 0.25 × 0.25 in


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