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Devil’s Shoestring

//Devil’s Shoestring

Devil’s Shoestring


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Latin Name: Viburnum Alnifolium 

Devil’s Shoestring is a very powerful herb in the Viburnum species known by many names such as hobblebush, moose bush, cramp bark or Goat’s Rue. It is commonly used in Hoodoo practices and is often kept in a medicine pouch. This herb is native to Eastern North America and can be found from North Eastern Canada, all the way down to Georgia. The roots of Devil’s Shoestring is sometimes used medicinally as an anti-spasmodic, especially to ease menstrual cramps. 

Devil’s Shoestring is said to bring luck against any sort of attack when being carried with you. Commonly used in Hoodoo conjure works, it is a multipurpose herb that can be used when bringing luck for a new job, or for “tripping up the devil” by protecting one from harmful energies. Carry Devil’s Shoestring in a white medicine pouch to protect against negative energy or in a green medicine pouch for good luck and fortune. It can also be placed in a bundle above a doorway or fireplace to protect your home.  It is said that in the past, Devil’s Shoestring was sometimes worn as an anklet to prevent being “poisoned through the feet”. 

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