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Sacred Spray ~ Lavender

//Sacred Spray ~ Lavender

Sacred Spray ~ Lavender


4 oz purple spray bottle. 

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A fusion of Lavender Essential Oil, Spring Water, and Grain Alcohol as a preservative,  this spray is created to soothe and to nourish the Spirit. A  Rose Quartz crystal is added for its loving vibration and the spray is then Reiki charged to amplify its energy.

When feeling overwhelmed, over-stressed, or just plain over it, soothe your spirit with the tranquil vibration of Lavender.  This gentle blend is a must for those times when you really need a little help attaining serenity.  Let go of the tension, the frustration, the anxiety, or the anger and allow the energy of this spray to return your body to calm. 

This spray is especially useful when calm and tranquility are needed. Use in your office, home, car, or in your own aura field.


Additional Information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 8 in


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