DG White Sage Set


One sweet and powerful Sacred Sage Spray Bundle including 1 small bundle of White Sage and 1 bottle of Sacred White Sage Spray.

Spray comes in a 2 oz. purple spray bottle.

White Sage bundle measures approximately 4″ long.

If you are seeking a larger quantity of this item please call the Shop at 845-473-2206 or email us at info@dreaminggoddess.com.


Reiki Charged White Sage Spray

White Sage

Clear Negative Energies & Purify Your Space

Clear Quartz Crystal added to amplify the vibration

Bottle Contains:

Spring Water, Salvia apiana EO (White Sag), Holy Water from Sacred Wells around the World, Grain Alcohol

*Shake before use

The botanical name for “true” sage is salvia, which in latin means “to heal”.  White Sage is burned to drive out the negative energies, spirits or influences and it creates a protective barrier to keep those energies from entering the space.

White sage is thought to be effective for cleansing the atmosphere and is used during healing rituals and ceremonies. Sage smoke cleanses indoor spaces and objects. The fresh, herbal fragrance refreshes the mind, enhances memory, and supports the path to wisdom and mental clarity.

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Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 4 in

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