Akashic Records Readings with Anne


The Akashic Records, commonly referred to as the book of life, are the individual records of a soul from the instant it leaves its point of origin until the end of time. There are many reasons to have an Akashic Records reading including: you are at a point of transition in your life and need help with your next steps; you feel stuck in your life and need direction; or that you are unable to make a shift or heal some pattern in your life or relationships. An Akashic Records reading consists of opening the book of your soul and allowing that information to come forward as a source of guidance, inspiration, and empowerment.

You might prepare yourself for your reading by reflecting on your current life circumstances and where you would like greater clarity. Write down 3 or 4 questions to explore during the reading. Your openness determines, to a large extent, what happens during the reading and what the Records bring forward.

Anne Schmidt

Anne Schmidt

Anne Schmidt has been an educator and counselor for over 20 years, working with both individuals and families. Anne has made a career out of non-profit service, teaching and spiritual counseling. She is currently completing a shamanic practitioner apprenticeship with Adam Kane and Alvaro Romao. She has a Masters degree in Education, has studied Reiki, received Munay-Ki Rites and is an Akashic Records Practitioner.