Tarot Card & Mediumship Readings with Athena


Clients leave from their readings feeling empowered to make real lasting change for the positive. They also feel a sense of peace, knowing that everything will be okay and that their loved ones are being cared for in the afterlife. Athena loves to help people to find their way and the path that they belong on.

Before your reading, please take some time and write down all the questions you would like to ask during your reading. Bring the list with you. It helps you to be prepared for your reading. This is not required.

If you would like to make contact with any loved ones whom have passed away, please bring a photo of your loved one to your reading.


My reading with Athena was enlightening. She was extremely accurate with personality traits and situations that I was going through. She tells you the truth and doesn’t sugar coat anything. Her honesty is refreshing! I will definitely read with her again.


I had an amazing experience with Athena Silver, about 2 months ago. I found her to be very spiritual, knowledgeable, and uncannily accurate. She performed a Tarot Card reading for me and I was very impressed by her careful and thought approach. She foresaw details with amazing accuracy and warned of an unknown/ undetected medical problem, that has since been diagnosed. ATHENA SILVER IS THE REAL DEAL!


Athena is a truly gifted individual. Her Tarot Card reading was spot on. She helped me gain clarity and find my way back on track and also was able to pick up on a loved one’s spiritual energy, that had passed. If you’re looking for spiritual guidance, definitely contact her now! 


Excellent interpretations provided. Keen ability to decipher important concerns. Always provided ample time with readings to clarify, expand, or elaborate key points. Questions always welcomed. Wishing you much success in the future. Many blessings to you.


Tarot or Mediumship Readings

Athena Silver

Athena was raised in a very psychically connected family and from a young age she could feel and see Spirits. As she grew older, her grandmother and great grandmother taught her many different forms of divination and how to read cards. This developed into a passion for Athena because it helped her to give those Spirits a voice and a way for them to bring messages to her. Since then, She has embraced her spiritual calling and has been reading Tarot and doing Mediumship readings for many years. Athena has devoted her life to be in service to others and enjoys helping her clients to find their true selves through healing messages.