Cartomancy Readings with Risa


Risa has been reading regular playing cards since 2005. Her teacher has been reading this way for 50 years. Cartomancy is an art that is passed down from reader to reader and she is lucky to have been taught by the best. It’s a way for Risa to connect her Higher Source with your Higher Source and get direct messages about new directions, problem solving, and any challenges you may have. It’s personal, positive, and uplifting…and mostly it’s fun because that’s what life is supposed to be!


“As a card reader myself, I was intrigued by Risa’s skill as a reader. Her layout of the spread using regular playing cards was beautiful and somehow familiar. She offers incredible insight, all the while putting the client at ease with her warm personality. It is a gift to yourself if you have the chance to sit down with Risa.”

Barb K

“Risa Koonin is a remarkable woman. Quite frankly, I walked into her card reading with immense skepticism, and walked out with tears in my eyes. Her reading was beyond accurate and what I loved most about it was that it made me confront issues that I had been avoiding for a long time. The experience was eye opening and I wouldn’t have wanted to have done it with anyone else. I would recommend her to anyone because she is an amazing woman with profound insight, kindness, and compassion that can’t be found in many people.”

Emme M.

“I loved my card readings by Risa. She made me feel so comfortable and grounded. The messages came through so on point that I left feeling very clear and inspired!”

Jocelyn K.